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Chris Brown Ignores Gay Rumors With Stroll In NYC

Chris Brown gay rumors is heating up the web but the R&B singer isn’t sweating it one bit. The 23-year old entertainer was spotted out in New York City’s SOHO neighborhood this afternoon wearing a striped polo, cargo pants and new facial hair – a beard!

Yesterday the web was on fire after someone with too much time on their hands tweeted a photoshopped photo of Chris in a compromising position.

Twitter followers were torn. “I ain’t saying nothing just stating facts. 1. Frank Ocean comes out. 2. Chris Brown says he supports him. 3. Now this Chris Brown pic,” tweeted one.

“That Chris Brown pic ppl keep posting ain’t right (if it ain’t true 0_O)… But you just Neverrr REALLY know.”

Others were tired, “Please quit posting that gay (expletive) fake photoshop picture of Chris Brown. Smh. NOBODY wants to SEE that.”

“..that Chris Brown picture is obviously not real even if he did do that he wouldnt be dumb enough to let someone in plain sight take a picture.”

Another follower accused Drake of creating the image.

@Juan_OVOSVO suggested that a particular individual was behind the attack saying, “Drake probably hired somebody to make that picture of Chris Brown.”

Chris is also busy working on his clothing line Mechanical Dummy where he’s using girlfriend Karrueche Tran as a model.

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  1. we may never know the truth in a world so secreted away from reality. Hollywood plays by rules that would cause the average decent person to commit suicide. However, born are some fol who seem so detached form any value system that the will sell their souls if it took that to become famous. The question here is WHICH OF THESE TWO IS THAT INDIVIDUAL? Put aside your anti or pro gay views and consider this…. IF THIS IS FAKE.. HERE IS WHAT MOST SENSIBLE THINKING PPL WOULD EXPECT TO SEE NEXT……

    1- ChrisB TreyS Omarion, Bowow; and any other mentioned celeb (led by team breezy legal dept) should be hauling this man into court. No judge (IF PROVEN) would look at even the basic elements of this and see anything less than an attack that could have ruined CB's career and money making potential. ODD THOUGH RIGHT? {..when you consider that hollywood (its industry) itself is as gay as anything you'd its core , musch as fashion is. But when it comes to its rnb/hiphop/rap artists the double standard is clear. But, the same is true for the audiences. } that said CB cannot simply ignore this.

    2- The first opportunity he has to confront this guy.. he must deliver some blows dat wud make rhianna jealous. @ the end o the day , true or not "he fckin wit his money" However if this iiiiiis true…. heres wat I'd expect next.

    1- this accuser must bring n more proof…..A corroborating witness of sorts, some other photos of previous discussions…..perhaps text messages.. maybe video…but SOMETHING.

    2- he must answer the follwing clearly…. 1-why does the person on the couch cb is "effing" have female fingers? Cb has no tats ( ii know the theory but let this dude explain himself). 3- he ought to be able to describe that one physical characteristic we each have that only we have….a mark..a spot…a scar…a blemish…etc.

    PERSONAL THOUGHTS: I could care less in terms of weather I listen to music what the artists gender is. I wish this world was such that people didn't needa lie or hide but hey…it is wat it is.I have always believed raz b (to some extent).I do believe that within hollywood are powerful people who prey on attractive impoverished young males… those males r most often found in the circle. Other celebs have even hinted at this. (google "r&b singer gouges own eye out" you will be amazed and saddened all at once. All that glitters has never been gold and Hollywood is a constant reminder.

  2. one more point! lol to the writer of that piece ^… As a journalist you ought to know that the line where you state…."…r someone with too much time on their hands tweeted a photoshopped photo of Chris in a compromising position." crosses the line of basic reporting 101. May I ask you can you right now prove to me that those images are photoshops? LET ME B CLEAR…they may be. but in journalism… integrity cant take a backdoor to personal feelings. If the people responsible for helping us get any closer to truth are themseleves not held to a standard, we will never get there.

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