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Bob Johnson Launches Faith-Friendly ALRIGHT TV YouTube Channel

Robert L. Johnson, founder and chairman of The RLJ Companies, recently announced an agreement with YouTube to develop a new faith-friendly channel. ALRIGHT TV is a faith-friendly channel designed to appeal to the aspirational and inspirational goals of consumers of all ages with an emphasis on content that informs, entertains, and addresses personal and family-related issues in a secular and positive manner.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to be in a business relationship with YouTube. YouTube’s commitment to providing a broad array of diversified producer-generated content on YouTube will present an exciting opportunity for consumers and advertiser sponsorship,” said Johnson. “The RLJ Companies is proud to be in association with YouTube and we look forward to expanding that relationship as we complete the acquisition of Image Entertainment, Inc. and Acorn Media Group, Inc. under RLJ Entertainment.”

Johnson announced earlier this year the acquisition of Image Entertainment, Inc. and Acorn Media Group, Inc. to form RLJ Entertainment, Inc., making it one of the largest global independent distributors of digital and video content.

“ALRIGHT TV will offer first rate buzz-worthy content in the areas of comedy, reality, self-help, music, and talk that promises to empower and entertain family audiences of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. Bob and I are very excited to move forward with our vision and commitment to provide quality entertainment into the digital arena,” said Tracey E. Edmonds, President and COO of Our Stories Films. “I am delighted to work with Bob and YouTube in this innovative relationship,” she concluded.

“We are excited about developing a faith-friendly content channel with The RLJ Companies. The RLJ Companies and Our Stories Films (OSF) possess a proven track record in creating quality content and we look forward to working with RLJ and Our Stories Films in this new venture,” said Malik Ducard, Director of Entertainment Content Partnerships at YouTube.

Source: Target Market News

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