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Sound Shrine: An iPad Dock Worthy of Praise

We’re wavering between proclaiming this a brilliantly ironic commentary on the current technology-obsessed zeitgeist, or the most ridiculously overwrought iPad dock, bar none.

What you’re seeing here is a creation by Bavarian photog Georg Dinkel, who has dubbed this gilded beast the “TonSchreine”, or “Sound Shrine”—a fitting monicker, given that it is ostensibly meant to function as an iPad dock.

Cast from polymer clay, then engulfed in metallic paint and encrusted with costume gems, the ostentatious shell comes rigged with a 2.1 speaker sound system, so you get to enjoy your music from what is most definitely a showpiece and conversation-starter.

How much? We hate to break it to you folks who like your decor bold, but Dinkel says he has no plans to offer this on the market as yet. One can only hope…

Source: Luxury Insider

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