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Costco to Sell Apple Products Again – at a Discount


It seems Costco has once again started selling specific Apple products several years after it dropped the company’s wares over Apple’s decision to not let the retailer carry the iPad. Not every model, carrier, capacity or color are represented in Costco’s stock, and all of the devices are only available online (except for the T-Mobile versions, which aren’t available online at all).

The 16 GB iPhone 5s on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon will run you only $77.99 through Costco, saving you about $120. As noted above, the T-Mobile model is only available through “select Costco wireless kiosks.” All of the color and carrier combinations are available except for one: the gold iPhone on T-Mobile.

The iPhone offering is rounded out by a blue AT&T iPhone 5c, also only available in 16 GB, for $99.99.

On the tablet side of things, the 16 GB iPad mini is available on Verizon at $419.99, and the iPad Air (again, only on Verizon) can be yours for $519.99. Like with the iPhone, the 16 GB T-Mobile versions of each iPad model can only be purchased at certain Costco wireless kiosks. Sprint and AT&T iPads are nowhere to be found at the moment.

It doesn’t appear that the company is offering any higher-capacity models of either device at this time, and the iPad color selection seems to be restricted. The only silver iPad for sale is the Verizon iPad Air, while the others are all limited to space grey, including the T-Mobile variant of the Air.


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