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Tameka Foster, Usher Resume Nasty Custody Battle After Kile's Death

Usher Raymond did not attend Kile Glover’s funeral says Tameka Foster. According to Kile’s mother, Usher’s sympathy was insincere and only a ploy to gain ground in their ongoing child custody battle.

It was previously reported that Usher was distraught after his former stepson who was killed in a tragic death ski accident – he even cancelled his scheduled appearance at the ESPY’s days later. When photos of the funeral surfaced Usher was no where to be found, however the very next day he was seen in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Grace Miguel.

In the latest update, Usher requested a delay for the previously scheduled August 13th hearing due to Kile’s death and the “unnecessary stress and strain” it will cause him. The R&B star also believed that Tameka would receive unfair sympathy as a woman who just lost her child and the court would less likely rule against a greiving mother.

Tameka’s lawyers quickly countered with court documents calling Usher’s claims of stress as “BOGUS”. Reportedly Usher refused to tweet “Please pray for Kile” deciding instead to post a picture of his breakfast plus the attorney claims “[Usher] visited Kile in the hospital only once” during his 15 days on life support.”

This new report is rather surprising given the previous reports that Usher allegedly offered a deal that would give Tameka primary custody and an increase in child support payments. It’s sad to see Tameka and Usher return to this bickering in light of recent events.

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  1. In light of allegations of drug use, etc. , used against Usher I think he did a solid by sending a private plane for Tameka when her son was first hurt. He probably did not return to the hospital because his presence was not wanted nor needed and would cause confusion and mayhem, after all he is a high profile celebrity. The same thing goes for the funeral.

  2. Hubert Holland says:

    Ms Cooper, thanks for such great comment.

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