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Vanessa Bryant Hits Shops In London After Kobe's Salacious Photos

Vanessa Bryant knows how to stick it to Kobe Bryant’s cheating ways – shopping at luxury stores in London!

Vanessa was faced with a challenge ahead of arriving to London with her daughters, Natalia and Gianna to support Kobe and Team USA. Photos surfaced that placed Kobe Bryant in a compromising position – between two women – twice! It turns out however that the photos can all be explained.

The first photo showed Kobe at a nightclub in Barcelona leaning into a young woman. Here are the details behind that photo:

“Kobe was at a social event with some of the other members of the USA basketball team. Two women sat down, asked for an autograph and left. He didn’t know them.”

The source adds, “After signing the autograph, he left that table to join friends at another table.”

In the second photo, Kobe is standing shirtless between two women. The explanation? Someone spilled a drink on his shirt and a minion ran off to get a clean one.

While each of those explanations may be valid, Vanessa is disappointed that Kobe has found himself in such compromising positions!

She’s reportedly “furious” and “embarrassed” of the images. Earlier this year, Kobe’s wish for reconciliation was granted after Vanessa withdrew her divorce petition. After initially filling for divorce last fall, reports surfaced that Kobe has cheated on Vanessa with over 100 women over the course of their marriage. Kobe was set to payout $75 million, plus child support and all his mansions to Vanessa. The deed to three mansions were signed over to Vanessa before she took divorce off the table.

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