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Samuel L. Jackson Turning Heads With Hilarious Olympic Commentary

While his place as the highest grossing actor in motion picture history has catapulted him into superstar status, recently Samuel L. Jackson has begun winning over sports fans around the world with his personal Olympic commentary on Twitter.

Never one to censor himself, Jackson has had no problem giving the world his reaction to Olympic events as they take place. It all began Friday during the opening ceremony when the 63-year-old Jackson tweeted, “OK! Getting that MOLYMPICPHUKKEN Fevah! GO Team USA!!!!”

For those who don’t know it, Jackson is known to friends and colleagues for “colorful” language—usually involving the word “motherf**ker,” or one of its many variations.

Jackson’s next tweet involving the opening ceremony wasn’t as nice, commenting on the fashion sense (or lack there of) shown by some of the 204 nations on hand at the Olympics.

“Okay, there were some real fashion f***ups in that parade of nations! Some I understand, others…”

Jackson’s tweets, while somewhat vulgar, have all been brutally honest statements that could easily be heard down at your local sports bar. Like his hilarious take on the showdown between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.

“ ‘I just gotta move on,’ prophetic words by Michael Phelps. LOCHTE SMOKED DAT ASS!!! Not even a Bronze!”

He wasn’t done with the jokes, saying this about the women’s 53kg weightlifting competition. “Told y’all, ladies weightlifting drama! Lil’ babes, picking up heavy sh*t!”

He has also had no problem detailing the mishaps of other nations, as he did with the Chinese gymnastics team. “OK, sh*t that makes us feel good. That Chinese gymnast FACEPLANTED! Another reason it’s not just good enuf to compete!”

Nothing has been off limits for Jackson, not even sideline reporter’s wardrobes. When Jackson noticed TNT’s Craig Sager out of his usually loud, obnoxious wardrobe he said, “Craig Sager is wearing NORMAL clothes!!! There has to be Olympic Pimp Gear available, I saw the opening ceremony!!!!”

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