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Nicki Minaj Throws Shade At Azealia Banks Tour Invite On Twitter

Did Nicki Minaj call Azealia Banks delirious for believing she would invite her on the European leg of her tour?! According to one blogger, yes!

Harlem rapper Azealia tweeted earlier today,

“I got invited to tour with Nicki Minaj in Europe but I cant go because I have to finish my album during that time. :(”

First, it’s hard to imagine why an up and coming rapper would decline an opportunity to tour with THE hottest female rapper in game. From expanding her fan base to securing more capital for her album – Azealia may have passed on a huge opportunity.

Despite sharing her decision with her 155,051 followers Azealia may be alone with her decision because Nicki could have possibly never extended an invite. Two hours later Nicki Minaj told her 13.8 million followers: #ManTheseBitchesDelirious

Yikes! Of course Nicki could be referencing a plethora of things unrelated to Azealia as one commenter noted:

“Umm…I think Nicki coulda been talkin about anyone…I mean the tweet was sent hours after A.Banks’…if it was directly afterwards then it be a different story *shrugs* : )”

Another added, “yea i think the amount of time that went before she tweeted that determines whether it was shade or not but who knows….very very interesting”

That may be, but just an hour ago the Harlem rapper tweeted,

“Not even worth it…..” then added “You and I both know. :)”

Sadly, Azealia who’s been caught in beefs with several rappers isn’t the most reliable. So did Nicki Minaj really extend an invite to Azealia?

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