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32 Actors Best Suited To Play Marvel's Black Panther

black panther movie

Rumors of Marvel moving forward with the Black Panther movie are still running rampant around the web. Despite the studio’s denial that a film about the African prince is in the works, many feel that a film about one of Marvel’s black superheroes is well overdue.

Samuel L. Jackson was the only person of color with a significant part in “The Avengers.” But if a Black Panther movie is made, that would potentially change things.

For those who don’t follow the comics, Black Panther is the Oxford educated, African prince named T’Challa. He is the son of T’Chaka, the chief of the Panther Tribe in the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

When T’Chaka, is killed by the villain Ulysses Klaw, T’Challa is crowned king of Wakanda and becomes Black Panther.  He then uses his superior intellect and superhuman strength and agility to fight against evil. Sometimes T’Challa teams up with the Fantastic Four or the Avengers to save the world.

The T’Challa character would be a major feat for any black actor, potentially becoming the breakout role for many of them who are enjoying D-list careers. Turn the page to see the list of who we think should be given strong consideration for the Black Panther role. If you agree or disagree with a choice, let us know about it  in the comment section.

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78 thoughts on “32 Actors Best Suited To Play Marvel's Black Panther

  1. Jason Thomas says:

    I think that Micheal Jai White should play the part of Black Panther. Micheal is super athletic. You may have seen him in, Spawn and Blood and Bone. He also played Mike Tyson in a film based on Mike Tyson’s fierce career. MJW would be an excellent choice for the role of The Black Panther.

  2. RandomTandem says:

    DONALD GLOVER FTW or Michael jai White

  3. DMAN says:

    First, thanks to Bossip for giving this subject a look. Second, I should play Black Panther. I’ve dreamed of a major motion picture of the Wakandan superhero since i was a lad. Now that it looks like it may finally happen, and reality sets in, Here’s my list:

    1. I would go with Edi Gathegi (Laurent from Twilight). I think he brings a presence that would be appealing to all plus he’s a recognizable face.

    2. Mechad Brooks would bring a fresh presence to the role – and he’s jacked!!!

    3. I thought of Terry Crews for a sec, until I saw….

    4. Djimon Hounsou. He would epitomize BP. So the verdict goes to…..

    Because of the age factor of all involved, i think Mechad should get the nod.

  4. DMAN says:

    By the way, alot of the names mentioned were written off because they were featured in other Marvel movies….what about dude who played Human Torch? (Chris Evans) They turned around and made him Captain America?!?!

  5. Youknowwhatitis says:

    Wesley Snipes and Lance Gross should have been on this list.

  6. jaybird says:

    First of all I am going to need a moment to compose myself from clicking through all the pictures of these FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE, FINE BLACK MEN……wait what was the question?

  7. James says:

    is this just naming black actors?? why dont u just put james earl jones in there. u really want fiddy in this?

  8. Lee says:

    I think that Mitchell Adams should play Black Panther. He’s played different roles and the fact that he’s not as well known would make give people a chance to take him in as Black Panther, instead of looking at a famous person trying to be BP.

    Just my thoughts.

  9. Sepia830 says:

    LOL. I was thinking the same thing. The list is about 85% hogwash. Denzel? Taye Diggs? 50 Cent? Just reasons to keep clicking and make the website some money.

  10. Bearfoot says:

    Come on ya’ll, you know Dwayne Johnson will be cast for it…

    (sarcasm completely intended.)

  11. Tresix says:

    Hey, Bearfoot, how about another wrestler: Kofi Kingston? From Ghana; certainly young, built, and agile. Acting experience might be his only limitation. Terry Crews is too big, he’d be more suited to play Luke Cage. Of the guys on this list, I’d narrow it down to Taye Diggs, Peter Mensah, Mehcad Brooks, and Chiwetal Eifore

  12. Muhammad Ali says:

    Omari looks the part, but don’t know if it equals screen presence. i’ve hearing good stuff bout Aldis Hodge. the fact that he does capoeira and parkour..again, not sure if he’s got the IT factor, despite having the right acting chops.
    as for actors having already been cast in previous marvel movies..well, first, we gotta SEPARATE real marvel movies (those made by Marvel STUDIOS) and marvel-based movies (those made by OTHER studios, like Spider-Man, by Sony and both X-Men and Fantastic Four, by Fox). Chris Evans played Johnny Storm in a marvel-Fox movie, Fantastic Four, so him being recast as Cap in Cap’n America: 1st Avenger (a Marvel STUDIOS movie) is acceptable, cuz the two don’t belong in the same continuity or movie world.

    that’s not the case with Peter Mensah (Incredible Hulk), Idris Elba (Thor), Don Cheadle (Iron Man 2 & 3), Sam Jackson (almost all marvel cinematic universe movies) and Derek Luke (Cap America: 1st Avenger)..though, in Mensah’s case, it could be an exception, since his part is almost non-existent, sides, he can always wear different looks/guises in a BP movie..cuz, i think he just BELONGS in a Black Panther movie.
    Nate Parker also, for me, would make a decent T’Challa..still not sure bout his acting chops and movie charisma, though. i mean, whoever is chosen in the end, he just gotta have that extra somethin’ somethin’ that would make the audience eat it all up and stays with him til the movie ends..just like Chris Hemsworth did it in Thor AND The Avengers.
    Michael Jai White, to me, should play Luke Cage, instead.

  13. brittney says:

    Heck No! michael jai white should not play black panther he’s 44 man, that’s to old, and donald glover who the heck is that never heard of him. he must be lame or something not popular. and edi gathegi is 33 and he aint popular like that. mechad brooks ok but superhero no! he’s 31. terry crews come on now! he’s 44. djimon hounsou is 48 he is way to old. everybody yall pick is old or up there they need someone young who can play it for a good while just not one time. yall ever saw leverage aldis hodge is 25 the perfect age to play the part. yall the dude can change up his accent which is good he fits the part seriously. i thank it should be aldis hodge.

  14. louie says:

    This is a comment about your grammar, rather than your casting choices. You do know it’s ‘overdue’, not ‘overdo’, right?

  15. Adam says:

    You should know that the F4 movies are owned by 20th Century Fox while Cpt. America belongs to Marvel/Disney. In the case of different studios and with the prospect of a Fantastic 4 reboot, i doubt the studios have any concern in that department. Now if an actor has played a role already in the Marvel Universe(which is the case mentioned with the other actors), then its highly unlikely they will be recycled for the sake of continuity. That said, I believe Tyrese Gibson would also have a good shot at a role, seeing as how he proved himself actionworthy in the Transformers and Fast & Furious movies as well as his acting chops in films like Baby Boy and Four Brothers.

  16. Vince says:

    Precisely what I was thinking! And using the word “should” in the headline is sort of blanket as well.

  17. instantfunk says:

    luke is the best choice !

  18. Wesley Gibson says:

    taye diggs wasnt even on the list…….

  19. ZeJuanSolo says:


    This isnt just a casting post for the role of BP but if Marvels realy gonna push the boat out this cast listing should be a who’s who of marginalised black actors everywhere.

    first off starting with the DONTS &why

    NO michael jai whites & NO wesley snipes (good as he is hes too old &is already BLADE in everyones minds) & for GOD SAKE NO TERRY FEKKIN CREWES.. u ppl are worse than goin to captain america forums &seeing triple h should play cap comments smh

    NO Donald Glover.. &not because i dont think he can play the role.. but i still holdin out for him playin MARVELS Spider Man when they realise they dont HAVE to use the Peter Parker version of him those pricks over at sony have tied up in lawsuits.. I STILL think he can play an MCU version of Miles Morales.. or even say “Peter Miles Benjamin Parker” .. the MCU is an Amalgam of Ultimates &”Classic” Marvel so anythings possible

    NO “Adebisi” nomatter how easy it would be to fall on his fan fare his role in this (howeve he SHOULD get a role) is best as top supporting cast (adivisor/instructor) or antagonist (cousin/white ape)

    No morris chestnut (for the main role) but DEFINATELY theres a role in the film somewhere there.. the kings recurring diplomatic aide de camp maybe?

    No Omari Hardwick.. he is lined up to play Luke Cage (very good casting imo) &if he isnt he SHOULD be

    Peter Mensah would make a very good contributing role as one of the elders.. &possibly the father.. but whatEVER role he takes he should be involved

    Black Panther is 5″11 so u dont need a physical giant.. just someone who can cut up &get into good shape without toomuch work.. the acting chops are whats REALLY needed to kill this pretty complex role of Prince/King/Warrior/Pope.. yehh thats right

    Those that seamlessly fit into that role in this list are Ewijifor, Derek Luke &Gathegi
    for the father T’Chaka roles Djimon Honsu would be a boon &is THE only choice to play the great king &dead/hero/father/musafa type role.. whos words guide Panther from the grave even after his death

    Elba isnt out of the running because of Heimdall role.. as every asgardian has a human counterpart on earth that could easily be explained.. but as perfect as he’d be for the role i think he’s too imposing &probly too familiar.. but a role as T’Chaka former King &father to the hero who dies saving his family from white supremecists would be epic with the right script &would tie up nicely.. if Djimon doesnt accept the role of course

    Jamie Foxx again the age has nothing to do with it but the familiarity doesnt help him.. but again the role he could be PERFECT for is that of the father who im starting to believe will have to be a larger than life character the young/middle aged tchalla will always feel he has to live up to.. larger than life actors such as Honsu Elba &Foxxcan achieve this (&in that order)

    I havent seen anything with Chad Boseman but he DEFINATELY has the look &shouldn be passed over for rank outsider

    Aldis Hodge, MB Jordan are ALSO great outsiders with first look nod ins

    Mecad Brooks is too bulky /inexperienced imo.. but could get a convincing role in as the jealous cousin trying to usurp BP’s throne in his abscence

    THE NUMBER ONE OUTSIDE ROOKIE SHOT for this role though i believe is the young Nate Parker.. who has all the tools to play this role from physique talent the “look” & “attitude” plus he’s shared sets with Denzel.. u dont get a better mentor than that.. plus it gives the MCU something to build on with future Avengers appearances



    #FollowME @ZeJuanSolo

  20. Patrik says:

    Demetrius Grosse from Justified and upcoming HBO series Banshee would be the perfect guy for the role….look hi up

  21. omega supreme says:

    Mehcad Brooks. He has charisma, and has been around the block check out . Necessary Roughness.Tyrese would be good too. the BP has to be in shape. Also Denzel for the father. 90% of this list makes no sense, because the actors are too old.

  22. Just saying says:

    my best beat if i was the director it would come down to putting the face and fatigue, and voice in action to best perfect the character to life.then pay for their training

  23. jay says:

    Okay … basically this guy just listed every black actor in existence and called it research. Nice work.

  24. howbout says:

    I like them all, but in particular Michael Ealey, the young QB from FNL or maybe Henry Simmons – NYPD Blue alum? Gorgeous and fit.

  25. Fantomex says:

    Wesley Snipes is in jail, and even if he wasn’t, all of the things that he did in his private life before he was jailed have so tarnished his reputation that he won’t be getting a major role in a major movie again.

  26. Neil070 says:

    Why a black actor? Nick Fury changed skin colour in the name of PC, why not a white actor? Or is that inverted racism?

  27. Neil070 says:


  28. Makeena says:

    Peter Mensah (Spartacus blood and sand) who played Doctore would be perfect. Built age (may be a factor) but the skill level would be fine. Can’t be a big bulky cat. Panther should be lithe.

  29. will says:

    Will Smith should have been War Machine. He’s such an obvious choice, and he’d be a good match for RDJ

  30. Tsuki says:

    Djimon Hounsou as T’Challa/Black Panther and Terry Crews as Luke Cage/Power Man. And the whole ‘already in another Marvel movie’ doesn’t really work since both Chris Evans and Idris Elba were in two Marvel movies as TWO different characters.

    Idris Elba as Heimdall in Thor and Moreau in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in both Fantastic Four movies and Steve Rogers in Captain America and Avengers. Although in all honesty, I feel that Chris Evans was so much better as Cap that I can completely ignore the fact that he played two different Marvel characters.

  31. TW38 says:

    Yea he was…

  32. Ronrico Brown says:

    I agree that Michael Jai White or Wesley Snipes should play Black Panther because ther both great martial artist with acting skills plsu dont you just hate it when producers & directors cast actors with no fighting skills to portray a martial artist or some other great fighter? I’m ready for good action movie that has an actor in his own environment doing what he do best “KICK ASS” … Beside Jon Jones is a great fighter thats true but he isn’t a actor and we all know what happens when athletes try to act (refer to Dennis Rodmans movies)

  33. ReeceB says:

    Michael jai white would be perfect maybe wesley snipes

  34. SirAsdfghjkl says:

    I could go into a long-winded essay on why Wesley Snipes can’t/couldn’t play black panther, but I’ll just say this; Blade: the Movie. look it up!

  35. Winston T. Grant says:

    Anybody who thinks Michael Jai White is too old–I’ve got one simple test for all the other candidates: TRY TO HIT HIM.
    And the penalty for failure? HE GETS TO HIT YOU.
    There won’t be a very long line.
    Just kidding. For ONCE, why not try casting someone who doesn’t NEED to go away and “become” the character–just cast a guy who can DO the stuff in the movie.
    Again, MJW is the OBVIOUS choice: Go to You tube wand watch him scare the shit out of Kimbo Slice, outmaneuver Scott Adkins(Yuri Boyka), and demonstrate his insane acrobatic personal skills in his showreel. –then let’s move on to the rest of the characters; we ‘ve FOUND the Panther.

  36. Luis says:

    Michael Jai White? No way. If you look at the caliber of actors they have in these roles, there is no way fits. I use to read the Black Panther comics and MJW doesnt look like TChalla. But that can obviously be overlooked. Halle Berry doesnt look like Storm and hell, in Marvel Comics , Nick Fury is Whiite but Samuel Jackson playd the role in the Avengers. MJW has never shown me thr acting skill to play a role Likr TChalla well. Same thing with Terry Crews.

  37. Luis says:

    I like Hounsou as TChalla. He already played TChalla in the BET Blsck Panther cartoon. And he looks like the Wakandan Prince.

  38. OLUSEGUN BABAS says:


  39. Justin says:

    Alot of the people listed here would be good for the role of T’Chakka instead of T’Challa.

  40. wah-wah says:

    Just a random list of every black actor they could think of.

  41. Brittney L says:

    Chris Evans played in more than one Marvel role ( as Johnny in Fantastic Four and as Captain America), why wouldnt they use an actor from another Marvel film for this role? That makes no sense on the part of whoever wrote this article to not acknowledge that, and also for them to have a con to almost every actor they’ve names in the article. If these actors were seriously who they felt should play the roles then the list would be a lot shorter and have more substance than critisism. I.E. if the actor is too old, why put them on the list?

  42. Jack says:

    In my mind, I feel a younger Danny John-Jules would have been appropiate, matching perfectly with the character in ‘The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes’. Probably a bit to old to reach the required fitness level now, but still a very talented actor, and quite athletic, evidenced by the Red Dwarf ‘Tongue Tied’ video.

  43. Johnfilm5 says:

    Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje is the man for the role!
    he is not too old look at Hugh Jackman, they are about the same age and look what he has done for Wolverine.

    The black panther role is a strong, worldly, educated, sexy and power man.
    Thats ADEWALE…. MARVAL give him the role. Either way he needs to be in this movie in a big way….. black don’t crack!

  44. Norman says:

    Edi Gathegi should be consider, nevermind the recycled character from xmen to black panther (they already did it with johnny storm/human torch to steve rogers/captain america -> chris evans)

  45. EddieC says:

    did the author just do a search for “Black Actors” on Google and list the first 32 that came up? Jon Jones?

  46. Tremble says:

    That’s different @ using Chris Evans as Storm and Cap. The Fantastic Four films were made by Fox. The Fox films have no barring on the Marvel Studios films as they aren’t related. Fox is doing their own version of the Marvel Universe, and Marvel Studios is doing their own. Fox holds the rights to do live action for X-Men and the FF. Marvel doesn’t and probably never will. Since the two studios are doing their own thing it wouldn’t matter that Marvel would take an actor from one of the Fox films, and put him / her in one of their movies. since the Fox movies have no relation to the Marvel Studio films. Also Marvel Studios is stressing continuity so you more then likely wouldn’t see them use the same actor for different roles in their films.

  47. JeremyL says:

    Very simply stated…anyone over 35 is too old to play Black Panther…The exception maybe being Derek Luke whom I think is about due for leading man status…Ellijifor is my Number 1 pick…he has the intensity, talent & that denzel washington presence…besides hes Nigerian with an English Accent, cant beat that.

    My Number two would be Mechad Brooks…dude has the right athletic body type & stature for Black Panther…Not to Mention hes funny. Hes only 31-33 So he could very well do more movies.

    Michael Jai white (love him) but lets face it…hes quickly approaching 50…and He was already a super hero in Spawn. Dijimon Hounsou deserves to be the elder black panther…hes simply a badass.

  48. krdsincraszy says:

    Ironically just to see the backlash make it a white actor alittle flip love to see how theres uproar when there was none for nick fury althought jackson didnt do bad at all

  49. shawn ellis says:

    I saw this actor a while ago in this short film about two brothers one was in jail and the actor I’m talking about played his wall street brother. I saw him again on one of the law and orders where he played a boxer his name was Damond Taylor he looked like a panther lol but his acting was tight

  50. edge238 says:

    And he would be the leader of which technically advanced African nation that has been untouched by the outside world….can you see where your plan falls apart here. For the record Nick Fury was changed to African American in the comics long before the movie came out.

  51. edge238 says:

    I don’t think it would matter who plays him with the mask on because that would go heavily to stunt men and CGI unless they alter the costume for a more batmanish look like they did in The Ultimate Avengers 2 (I hated that look). This is Hollywood so age really is not a factor as long as they are physically fit enough to handle the demands of the role. I personally like Michael Jai White, Anthony Mackie, Djimon Hounsou, or Ildris Elba for the role

  52. James says:

    has anyone mentioned Isaiah Mustafa (the original old spice guy) he’s done alot of movies since those commercials and is a big comic book geek and has shown interest in playing in a Marvel movie. He’s got the looks, he’s an ex professional athlete, he’s got the voice and is a much better choice than more than half of the people that were mentioned on the list

  53. Tyrone says:

    Huh? For everyone that says Marvel should cast a white actor to play BP. Isn’t he a prince of an African Tribe? Not that I’m saying I’m against Marvel casting a white actor for the role. How is that gonna make sense? Everyone is talking about Sam L. Jackson playing Nick Fury but there’s been a lot of comics and cartoons a la Avengers EMH where Nick Fury was black. Even on Marvel’s Facebook game you can choose to have a black Nick Fury. That’s like having a black Superman or black Captain America! That doesn’t make any sense cause you’ve never seen Superman or Cap be played by any other race and given their story-lines it wouldn’t make sense for them to be black. Now Hollywood has done a great job of getting away with having SLJ play Fury, Laurence Fishburne as Clarke Kent’s boss, and even Electro soon to be played by Jaime Fox cause those characters aren’t the main attraction. So who cares if they are played by a black actor.

  54. Sean C says:

    Djimon Honsou already played the panther in a TV series. But he is too old for the role now, sadly.

    I always felt that Eamonn Walker, he of Oz and Chicago Fire fame, would have made a great BP. He trained as a dancer and I felt that he would be able to incorporate that training into capturing the cat like abilities and elements of Black Panther. But Walker turned 50 last year, so is obviously too old to play the role. Maybe he would work better as T’Chaka, BP’s father.

  55. John says:

    So because a “black” guys skin isn’t dark enough he probably couldn’t pull off the African look!? Is the writer of this so ignorant to think that “black” people can’t tan?

  56. Wade Wilson says:

    This film has been since abandoned by Marvel in favor for Gaurdians of the Galaxy. I would be interested in this, unfortunately it will be written/directed by Tim Gunn, who exclusively only makes really terrible films (Super, Slither).

  57. Voodoo says:

    There was no uproar because that film was based in the Ultimate Avengers universe, a different one to white Nick Fury, also a white Black Panther!!!!!! idiot, let’s have a white Luke Cage too and a white Storm and a white Beast and a white Hulk.

  58. Voodoo says:

    Chiwetel Ejiofor would be the best man for the role, a fine actor, although he is’nt Bruce Lee or Michael Jai White he still has moves, he might not be big enough in phsyical form but i don’t know what he’s walking around at these days, but this guy would be awesome and add some real acting to a role, he’s class.

  59. Voodoo says:

    An absolutley ridiculous suggestion there, you fool.

  60. Voodoo says:

    Chiwetel Ejiofor is the perfect choice

  61. Voodoo says:

    Nick Fury is black or white, depends which universe of Marvel you read, Jai White would make a better Luke Cage.

  62. Voodoo says:

    shut up, fool, it’s as if Will Smith could be anywhere near a Marvel character, maybe one where he was in heavy makeup, the guy can act with the best of them but as war machine?? no way

  63. Voodoo says:

    fans care, Electro is white so he should be played by a white guy, and if Clark Kents boss is white then he should be white too, the films are based on comic book characters so they have to be faithful otherwise people might like it but they now it could of been a lot better, a black Electro is just plain dumb, you may as well just change the whole story.

  64. Voodoo says:

    they did’nt change Nick Fury for PC reasons, it was the universe they chose to bring to film, it would of been much better had the white Nick Fury been in it, but it would of been a much different film, white Nick Fury has so many levels to his character.

  65. the11x7marathonman says:

    Many on the list were poor choices due to various reasons such as age, height and muscular build. Actor Henry Simmons would make a GREAT King T’Challa. Other excellent actors who were somehow not on the list are Tyrese, Boris Kodjoe, Marrese Crump,Juan” T.J Storm” Ojeda , Joey Ansah, Michael Power, Cleveland Mitchel, Lateef Crowder, Winston Ellis, Brian White,Chuck Johnson,Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson,Robbie Alexander, Paul Cambell(Jamaican), Brad James, Lee Thompson Young, Taimak and Shemar Moore all would be candidates more worthy of the role than at least 10 actors on that list who were either over 45 or slight of build. Also, voice should be a consideration. I’d imagine the Black Panther as having a booming voice in the realm of James Earl Jones. Henry Simmons has that also in addition to being 6’4 and muscular. The notion of an African King not being “light skinned” is foolish considering the range of hues of Africans from Tuaregs, Oromo, Amhara, Somali, Bushmen ect to Hawazma and Nuba.

  66. Leonard Mashaw says:

    Don’t forget Michael Jai White also played Sid in the movie Universal Soldier: The Return with Jaen-Claude Van Damme and bill Goldberg

  67. Skidoosh says:

    Djimon Honsou would be perfect to play Black Panther in the movies. He has the look, the voice, and the acting chops to pull it off. FYI, he voiced BP in an animated series, not a live action one.
    And while he older than other actors, Robert Downey Jr was 43 when he did the first Iron Man. A lot of older action stars still have the skills to do their own stunts (Stallone, Liam Neesen, Bruce Willis, etc.) which I think he could do easily.

  68. Freddy says:

    I agree with you 1000% Jason. Micheal Jai White, in addition to being super “athletic” is a world renowned martial artist and is agile as a panther…. None of the other candidates can match these skills. He should CLEARLY be the 1st choice.

  69. Freddy says:

    What does age have to do with their overall skills and acting abilities!!??? Aldis Hodge is a very good actor no doubt, but he does not have the raw physical prowess that Michael Jai White has.40 yrs/older (still doin it!) Age examples: Herschel Walker-MMA, David James – English goalkeeping, Tim Wakefield – American professional baseball pitcher, Randy Couture – MMA, Dara Torres – Three American swimming records set after hitting 40. I could continue. Age is not always a factor!

  70. Freddy says:

    Winston T. You are so RIGHT!

  71. Freddy says:

    Michael Jai White is the clear choice…… How does he NOT look like the African TChalla? Not to mention his athletic/ martial arts/ agilities skills. Aren’t these the “cornerstone of the Black Panther? “Never shown me the acting skill to play a role like TChalla”. He is “proven” to an actor:
    • Mortal Kombat: Rebirth
    • Blood and Bone
    • Exit Wounds
    • Universal Soldier: The Return
    • On Deadly Ground (stunts – as Michael White)
    The reason he is called an actor is due to the fact he is capable of “acting” the part of an African.

  72. Dedpool says:

    Edi gathegi and Aldis Hodge are my top choices. Always wanted Honsou but he’s definitely too old sadly. Cast him as T’Chaka though, and Adiwale as Man Ape!

  73. Kumail Alshahin says:

    ITS EASILY SAFE TO SAY THAT one of these actors if not two or them will be in the motion picture……
    Chadwick Boseman-T’challa
    Djimon Honsou- T’ chaka….
    C’mon am I right or am i right?

  74. T says:

    Wesley played BLADE…….no he shouldnt. He has a Character

  75. Wade says:

    I think Lance Gross would be a good T’Challa

  76. Ryan Perez says:

    Chicken Bones Jones…really? NO…No….just…no.

  77. So I see one person, where is the rest of the list?

  78. Page 2. Hit next under the photo to view

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