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'Dark Knight Rises' Takes A Dive In Week Two

The Dark Knight Rises is still on top at the box office, but the film has seen a surprisingly large drop from its last week numbers. The film, which is the biggest of the year, made $18 million last night, which proved to be down 76% from last Friday’s opening. Maybe the opening ceremony for the Olympics, which took in over 1 billion people worldwide, had something to do with it?

The $250 million Warner Brothers film is still projected to lead the weekend with an estimated $60 million made, but this drop is a much more than the movie insiders projected.

Thus far, the film has grossed $243.1 million in total. Another Batman movie in the past, The Dark Knight, only fell 65 percent on its second Friday to $23.2 million, giving it an eight-day total of $261.8 million. This isn’t a fair comparison though. The Dark Knight Rises suffered a devasting opening weekend, with the tragic shooting that happened in the Colorado movie theater. That event left a dark cloud over the film from the start.

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