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Rap Battles Comedian Gets New Show, Produced by Chris Rock

If you’ve ever seen the Rap Battles parodies featuring comedian Deshawn Raw, you can only imagine what the guy would do with his own television series. Well, we will all get the chance to find out, as Comedy Central has greenlighted a sketch comedy series called “D-Raw” starring Deshawn Raw and executive produced by Chris Rock.

Rock has been a featured performer in the Rap Battles series, so he has had a chance to see Raw work up close. Clearly, he was impressed.
How does Raw see himself? “Just a new comedian trying to make it out the hood with the team. So we don’t end up statistics.”

The show center around Raw and his diverse group of friends, acting dumb and crazy as they make fun of themselves and their lives in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. The sketches include rap battles and observations about pop culture.

DeShawn Raw became a YouTube sensation with his Rap Battle videos (See below). The first one drew 13.5 million viewers. Rap Battle Pt. 4 featuring Chris Rock (second video), has amassed 2.9 million.

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