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Mark Morrison Takes on Domestic Violence in New Track, ‘Ni**a Ain’t No Good’

Mark ‘Return of the Mack’ Morrison

It’s refreshing to hear an R&B singer croon about something other than sexual prowess and other similar themes. Music is a powerful vehicle for delivering messages, so it’s encouraging when it is consciously used for that purpose to create awareness of a troubling social issue.

U.K. singer Mark Morrison is on a musical mission with his new track, “Ni**a Ain’t No Good,” It serves an ode to his cousin and other women who’ve suffered domestic violence. Bound to be a hot item, BET and other music outlets have shown a particular interest in the video trailer.

Morrison is best known for his work in the mid-90s and is popular for being one of the more popular UK R&B artists in the states. His first No. 1 hit (in the UK), “Return of the Mack,” was also a screaming success in the States in 1996 and remains an enduring classic.

He didn’t completely fizzle out, but had a little success when he was featured on a few tracks in the early 2000s with DMX.

Now he’s preparing to release his third solo album, “I Am What I Am,” which will feature Trae Tha Truth, Trina, DMX and Crooked I.’

Source: EURWeb

Check out the video below:

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