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Shocking Footage Shows White Man Assault Black Girlfriend on Facebook Live

Shocking footage emerged on social media this week of what appears to be a domestic disturbance between an interracial couple shared via Facebook Live.

It’s unclear what sparked the lover’s quarrel, but a white man is heard on camera berating his girlfriend with expletives and accusing her of being a racist. Moments later, the footage becomes shaky and the two are heard tussling in the background.

“You racist b—h. Black people say we’re racist, but you’re racist you dumb ho!” the man shouts. “B—h, you stupid. That’s what you are ho. I don’t give a f–k, n—a.”

The woman, who’s secretly filming the heated interaction, yells back at her boyfriend as he proceeds to walk over to her and threatens to drag her out of bed. She then lets him know she’s recording on Facebook Live, after which the video briefly goes dark then flips showing only the ceiling.

“I told you I fight hard, ho!,” the woman says breathless, in the background. “You gonna have to fight me harder (inaudible) … yeah ho. We’re on [Facebook] Live fighting — and I just whooped you,” she says, briefly turning the camera toward herself.

“I got it all on [Facebook] Live, ho!” she shouts repeatedly.

The disturbing footage garnered a variety of reactions, some positive and others negative. Many critics blasted the young woman for dating outside her race in the first place, while others expressed sympathy for her, arguing she doesn’t deserve violence at the hands of anyone.

“Deserved. Nobody’s forcing you to date a white man,” one user wrote. “Don’t be crying. You ain’t no victem. Take that L. Bedwench.”

“Looking for love with the enemy! What you expect?” said another. “I feel nothing for her laying with cave dwellers.”

One viewer came to the woman’s defense, saying, “The responses to this video is disturbing. Domestic violence is real, and not a laughing matter at all.”

“Let that had been my sister. Weak ass bitch puttin his hands on that woman,” someone else chimed in.

Watch more of the video above.

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