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Randy Jackson: Executors Using Conflict to Deflect Attention From Michael’s Fake Will

Randy Jackson went on Rev. Al Sharpton’s show on MSNBC to give some insight into the Jackson family turmoil that has captivated the nation, saying that the executors of his brother Michael Jackson’s $1 billion estate are trying to keep the internal family conflict in the headlines to deflect attention away from their doubts about Michael’s will.

Randy’s comments came a day after the world saw a videotaped confrontation between Janet Jackson and her niece Paris, Michael’s daughter—Janet was reportedly trying to take away Paris’ phone, which the 14-year-old has used to send tweets out into the universe about the inner turmoil of a notoriously private family—and the police were called to the home after an altercation police say was between two adult males.

The executors of the estate, John Branca and John McClain, posted a letter on the web after the police went to the Los Angeles hilltop home where Katherine lived with the children.

“We are concerned that we do what we can to protect them from undue influences, bullying, greed, and other unfortunate circumstances,” the executors wrote.

But Randy Jackson accused the executors of committing a crime by falsifying a document. He said his brother’s 2002 will was a fake.

“They know that they’ve been caught, they know that they’ve falsified a document and they know that there are questions that we want answered,” Randy Jackson told Sharpton. “This family is united to right a wrong.”

Jackson’s estate has denied all the family’s claims of wrongdoing. The executors hinted that further action may be taken to protect the singer’s children—thus implying that the family members don’t have the children’s interests at heart.

In the meantime, Paris continues to post on Twitter a constant stream of private details about the family.

On Tuesday, in a countdown she has been doing about the last time she spoke to her grandmother, she wrote, “9 days and counting … so help me god I will make whoever did this pay.”

Randy Jackson said he went with his brother Jermaine and sister Janet to the home in Calabasas on Monday to invite his brother’s older children, Prince and Paris, to join their grandmother in Arizona. That’s when the altercation occurred, captured on security footage that someone in the family apparently provided to Good Morning America and TMZ.

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