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Beyonce, Baby Blue Ivy And Jay-Z Pulled Into Disgusting Race Debate

Beyonce has unknowingly found herself in a debate over the facial features of her daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Beyonce and husband Jay-Z welcomed their baby girl into the world on January. The media frenzy since then around Blue is relentless. While many are eager to see the family out together others were foaming at the mouth to catch an up close view of Blue to see exactly who she favors. The pop icon or the hip hop mogul? For some fans it doesn’t matter that Jay-Z is a wealthy , loving and supporting husband to Beyonce or that he dots on his 6-month old daughter – nope – it matters that his daughter isn’t “cursed” with his features of a big nose and full lips. Yes, you read that right.

Clutch Magazine posted some shocking comments last week Thursday after photos surfaced of the adorable Blue Ivy’s,

Beyoncé really screwed up, having a baby by Jay-Z. His nose and lips are never going to look right on a girl.

Let’s pray Beyoncé’s genes kick in as B.I.C. gets older. All the money and talent in the world won’t take away from having Jay-Z’s features.

“i NEED pictures cause that baby don’t sound “adorable” She got all the ugly traits of Jay-Z..not to be mean or rude & talk about a kid or nun but that baby sound ugly.”

Nappy-headed kid. Wish Beyoncé had married a nice-looking man instead of Jay-Z.

Yike!! These comments spurred a larger conversation that prompted Essence writer Demetria Lucas to take a closer looker at how brainwashed we are over what is truly beautiful.

“Let’s admit it: A lot of us are bamboozled, led astray, and just plain brainwashed when it comes to what traits we find attractive on Black people. It’s no accident that the Black women whose beauty we fawn over — the Beyonces and Rihannas and Halle Berrys — all happen to be on the lighter end of the Black color spectrum. It’s no secret that we as a people equate lightness with beauty. Ask any woman who failed the brown paper bag test, who grew up hearing she was “pretty for a dark girl” – as if to be both is some sort of inherent contradiction, and she just happened to strike gold. But the color issue is just scratching the surface.”

Now we understand why Beyonce chooses to keep Blue Ivy covered which is a shame because she’s such cutie!

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