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'The Bourne Legacy' Releases New Featurette With Fresh Footage

In The Bourne Legacy featurette, the cast and crew give their take on the expanded conspiracy.


The Bourne Legacy may still face a lot of apprehension about its new direction with Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner. The newly released featurette seems to have this in mind and offers a more in depth explanation of how the fourth installment, absent of Jason Bourne, ties into the rest of the trilogy.

In The Bourne Legacy featurette, the cast and crew give their take on the expanded conspiracy and explain why they think fans won’t be disappointed with a new face as the super agent.

Besides the cast interviews, there is a bunch of behind the scenes clips that show how some of  the action was brought to life. We even get a chance to see some new footage not included in the previous trailers and clips.

Although The Bourne Legacy now follows Aaron Cross there are still some familiar elements that make it very recognizable to fans of the franchise.  For one, it’s directed by Tony Gilroy, the writer of the first three movies. Some members of the cast such as Joan Allen, David Straithairn, Scott Glenn and Albert Finney have returned to reprise their roles from the previous Bourne movies.

Also, the featurette reveals there are several references to Jason Bourne in the film, which makes sense because the story supposedly takes place at the same time as The Bourne: Ultimatum.

In addition to the aforementioned actors, The Bourne Legacy is stacked with a supporting cast that includes Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Stacey Keach,  Donna Murpy, Oscar Isaac and Elizabeth Marvel

You may not want to miss this one when it comes out on August 10th, but until then, take a look at the new featurette above.

Source: Apple

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