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Police Search for Grandma, 34, and Boyfriend, 22, After Baby Ingests Cocaine

Charlie Martin

Prepare yourself for some ridiculousness when you read the details of this story out of Palmetto, Georgia: Authorities are searching for a 34-year-old woman and her 22-year-old boyfriend after they allowed a 13-month-old boy to ingest cocaine while he was in their care.

The boy’s mother, 17, is not under suspicion, though she is described as a witness in the case. But Ebony Daniel, 34, and Charlie Martin, 22, are facing charges of possession of cocaine, cruelty to children in the first degree and reckless conduct, according to Sgt. Lee Gragg of the Palmetto Police Department.

The child was brought into Piedmont Newnan Hospital on Friday afternoon by his mother. When the hospital staffers found out what happened, they called in the police and they transported the child to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, where he was admitted to the hospital for observation and tested positive for cocaine.

That night Palmetto police went to the boy’s home with a search warrant and “evidence was found and collected at the residence,” Gragg said.

The boy is doing well enough now that he was released from the hospital, though they are still awaiting toxicology reports to determine how much cocaine he ingested.

Our job here is not to pass judgment on the teenage mother or the 34-year-old grandmother, who clearly was herself a teen mother 17 years ago, or even the 22-year-old boyfriend of the grandmother. There will be plenty of judgment passed on them when they are sitting in a courtroom in front of a judge. But perhaps we might suggest that the 17-year-old mom use this as a wake-up call to find a higher grade of baby sitter in the future—baby sitters with no drugs in the house. And as for grandma—probably one of the few grandmas in the country with a boyfriend who just recently passed the legal drinking age—consider yourself lucky that the baby made it back home safely. Grandmas are supposed to be safe havens for little ones. We think you have some work to do, grandma.

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17 thoughts on “Police Search for Grandma, 34, and Boyfriend, 22, After Baby Ingests Cocaine

  1. This just blew my mind.Could not imagine anyone doing something like this, and never a grandmother.I would do whatever it takes to protect my grandchildren.

  2. Philip James Cross says:

    you never can tell who to trust these days? with so much stress going round.

  3. Philip James Cross says:

    dig his name?

  4. That is correct about not knowing whom to trust, but no excuse for having drugs in the house and giving them to a child.

  5. Lesley Smith says:

    Grandma.. if God gave you a second chance you should repent and take the second chance He gave you. There is a reason why your grandson didn't die.

  6. Aliya Hunter says:

    This is an example of fuckery at its best. They should be ashamed of themselves…

  7. Bradley Scott says:

    The story itself is appalling, you don't have to smother your readers with your snide remarks about a young grandmother/mother. It is a tragedy that drugs have infiltrated the home and the parent (or the grandparent) was responsible. That whole last paragraph about "not judging" is a load of crap. This whole story was drawn up to judge young mothers and drug-impacted communities. Seems like race is read in between the lines here, and this kind of "journalism" would never make judgments on families.


  9. Angel OfAssisi says:

    Babies just shouldn't be having babies if they can't be responsible enough to place them in safe care.

  10. Walter Weber says:

    Drugs did not "infiltrate" the home, they were welcomed as an old friend.

  11. Bradley Scott says:

    I said infiltrate because a child was a victim here. I'm pretty sure cocaine was not an "old friend" to a 13 month old baby. Any other clever remarks you'd like to share?

  12. Toma H. Lee says:

    Another story that reminds me of that movie Idiotocracy…

  13. I agree with Walter. My husband worked in the welfare system for 37 years. I saw he go from a liberal to a conservative. Why do you assume the people are black? Stop scream race.

  14. Dyan… no one is assuming anyone is black. There is a picture of the 22 year old boyfriend in the article, he's black.

  15. A 34 year old GRANDMOTHER and a Mother is 17, with a 13 month old child? , this is a travesty, These multiple generations of 15 yr old's having babies is disgusting, and society rewards and glorifies it.

  16. Bradley Scott says:

    I don't understand why this is an argument within an argument. My choice of words was 'infiltrated,' because the home is not the place for addictive drugs. It is against the nature of a family – which is to build their children up -not to get them addicted to drugs. Hopefully this experience was a lesson for that family to remove cocaine from their lives.

  17. i mean really, why assume she is black just because her name happens to be "ebony". lol. im so glad multi-generational welfare allows them the extra $$ to afford the basics like cocaine….

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