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'Modern Family' Cast Sues 20th Century Fox Over Contracts Disputes

Things turn ugly after the Modern Family cast rejects 20th Century Fox offer!

The cast of Modern Family has teamed up to file a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox at the superior court in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Cast members Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara and Ed O’Neil are fighting over their contracts.

There was drama at the studio and the scheduled season four table read was canceled on Tuesday July 24th after the cast and producers could not come to an agreement.

It’s reported that six cast members want their contracts voided, claiming that they violated a California labor code, which says personal service contracts lasting more than seven years cannot be enforced.

The producers currently have the cast contracted through season seven, but they want to add an additional two seasons. The studio offered the cast $150,000 plus a $50,000 bonus totaling $200,000 per episode, including a salary bump over each new season — an offer the cast rejected.

All except O’Neil, was seeking to earn $200,000 per episode for season four. O’Neil, who is the highest paid actor on the show making in the range of $105.000 per episode, is also in his own separate negotiations with the studio. The others has enlisted Lawyer Jeff McFarland to represent them. There is no word yet on which lawyer 20th TV will hire to represent them in this case.


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