Tracy Morgan Has Hilarious Battle With Unruly Puppeteer In 'Why Stop Now' Clip

Tracy Morgan is back on the big screen with his latest comedy Why Stop Now. The movie was featured at the Sundance film festival and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Emma Rayne Lyle. A funny video clip hit the internet curtsey of EW showing Sprinkles(Morgan) and Black(Whitlock Jr.) battling with an unruly puppet controlled by Nicole(Lyle).

The story follows Eli Smith(Eisenberg), a piano prodigy, who’s whole career rest on this one audition that just happens to be on the same day that he has to drop his troubled mother, Penny(Leo) off at rehab and pick up his little sister who has a unhealthy connection with her puppet sock. Things don’t quite go as planned when Penny’s drug dealers Sprinkles and Black get involved.

In the video clip below, Eli, Penny, Sprinkles and Black pick up Penny’s daughter, Nicole who developed an unhealthy attachment to her vulgar hand puppet Julio. It’s not long before Nicole has her puppetJulio calling Black, “Blackidy Black” and telling Sprinkles his trophy is “stupid”. It’s all out hilarious to watch Sprinkles defend his trophy and Black demanding respect from the young puppeteer.

Why Stop Now Hits Theaters August 17th. Watch the funny ‘Why Stop Now’ movie clip below:

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