The Avengers Sequel To Feature More War Machine Says Don Cheadle

Paramount/Marvel  has already given The Avengers sequel the green light. Now fans are speculating what superheroes will be making an appearance in the next installment of the uber-successful franchise.

At Comic-Con last week, Don Cheadle hinted that one of those Marvel heroes may be his Iron Man 2 character James Rhodes.  Initially played by Terrance Howard in the first Iron Man movie, Rhodes is a military colonel with a tenuous friendship with Tony Starks.  He wears the War Machine suit,  which he kind of borrowed from Stark, and had outfitted with some big military guns.

Cheadle will reprise his role in Iron Man 3, but he told Comic-Con reporters that there is a good chance he may be in The Avengers sequel or even a War Machine movie. Here is what he told Hit Fix:

“I wouldn’t have been able to do the [first ‘Avengers’] film…I was shooting the Showtime show at the time, ‘House of Lies,'” said Cheadle, speaking to reporters on the press line for “Iron Man 3” at Comic-Con last week. “But the good thing about the Marvel universe obviously is that they intersect, and anyone can show up in any one at any time, so it’s not a done deal that War Machine won’t show up in an ‘Avengers’ [sequel], or in something that’s just War Machine. We don’t know.”

Chealde also told Fandango that War Machine could be making an appearance in the next installment of the Avengers saying, “The good thing about the Marvel Universe is that all the characters can intersect and everybody can play with each other,” Cheadle hinted.  “So, that may happen just for War Machine on his own. We’ll see. Everything’s been discussed.”

War Machine will be seen in Iron Man 3 for sure. The move is set for a May 3 2013, release in the U.S. Stay tuned for a confirmation of the release date of The Avengers sequel.

Checkout Don Chealdle hinting War Machine may be in The Avengers sequel below:



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