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Dark Knight Fans' Tweets Go From Excitement To Terror

Dark Knight fans express themselves via twitter

The Dark Knight Rises twitter streams flooded the popular social network site Friday night with excitement and praise, but soon after the mood changed. News quickly spread of the deadly shooting that occurred at the Century theater in Aurora, Colorado and Dark Knight fans took to Twitter to express their grief.

In the first round of Tweets from the Dark Knight fans, one person said that, “no other movie moved, stirred, shook and excited” him on the first viewing more than The Dark Knight. Another fan stated that The Dark Knight “was the best movie he ever seen in his life.”  A third fan expressed how “the film was too much to take in.”

All of that excitement was before the news spread of a man dressed in a gas mask and bulletproof vest, who walked into a crowded theater, detonated tear gas canisters, and then began shooting at the audience.

The second round of Tweets changed from enthusiasm to horror, heartbreak, outrage and sympathy for the 12 murdered victims and there families. The latest reports suggest that there are 12 people confirmed dead and 71 people who were shot.

Tweets poured in at a rate of several hundred per minute, with hashtags #Thedarkknightrises, #aurorashooting, and #aurora.

The suspect has been captured and been Identified as 24-year-old James Holmes. Investigators say he was armed with a shotgun, an AR-15 assault rifle and two handguns.


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