Thanks to Jay-Z, Beyonce, ‘Blue’ Makes it On List of Hottest Names

Well yeah—that didn’t take long, did it? Turns out that as original as Beyonce and Jay-Z thought they were being when they named their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, chances are she probably won’t be the only “Blue” out on the soccer field. That’s because everybody and their unoriginal mama is borrowing the name for their own newborn daughters, making it one of the “hottest names of 2012.”, the baby naming site run by the experts behind the bestselling book The Baby Name Bible, says Beyonce and Jay-Z’s choice of Blue for their daughter “catapulted this stylish but quietly-used color name to superstardom,” with the numbers of parents viewing the name Blue rising more than 600 percent on Nameberry in the first half of the year.

Blue joins  a strange list of most viewed baby names of the year thus far—many of which are tied to characters in popular movies, TV shows and ancient rome, including names from Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Gladiator and even Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming slave action flick, Django. o_O

I mean, I guess there are a bunch of 30-somethings named Kizzy walking around—the TV Epic, Roots, featuring a slave woman by that name, debuted in 1977, 35 years ago. When you’re thinking up a name for your kid, you find your inspiration where you can get it. But you’ll have to forgive me: I’m finding it hard to reconcile that when my Mari is old enough to babysit, she just might be pulling Saturday night shifts watching over children named Django, Decimus (from the Hunger Games), Theon (from the George R.R. Martin fantasy series), Halcyon (the name of actress Beth Littleford’s baby girl), Arya (from Game of Thrones), Gatsby (after the classic novel) and Niall (one of the curiously-styled singers in the boy band One Direction).

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