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Nicki Minaj Caught In Scandal Over ‘Pound The Alarm’ Production

Nicki Minaj traveled back to her home Trinidad to film her latest music video ‘Pound the Alarm’. It turns out the rapper’s production team may have been scammed or scammed someone else out of thousands. Yes, it sounds crazy!

According to the people at Star Magazine, Nicki was ripped off by film producer Ellis Briggs after he took $100K and did not deliver any services. A police report was filed by London Alley Entertainment, it’s the same company that produced the music video against Briggs.

Now the local producer is turning the tables accusing the rapper and her team of theft. Reportedly Nicki owes him $19,000 for services and fees fulfilled. Both allegations are being investigated by the Fraud Squad in Trinidad.

Nicki has remained quiet about the mishap – perhaps she has bigger things to be concerned about – like completing her Pink Friday tour! Her latest stop at the Chicago Theatre. Here’s a snippet from the New York Times on Nicki’s performance,

“She inspires fervor. Even when she was on a slow simmer on Monday, her crowd was manic, vibrating, loose. At one point Ms. Minaj, who keeps up a frisky banter with her fans on Twitter, invited some fans on stage and embraced them. One, whom Ms. Minaj described as a longtime supporter on Twitter, held on a few seconds longer than the rest, then pulled away and gave Ms. Minaj a pleading look, before she was shooed away.”

The ‘Super Bass’ rapper is also scheduled to hit New Zealand for the first time in September. “Please don’t forget about New Zealand! We need you here!”


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