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George Zimmerman in TV Interview: Killing Trayvon Was ‘God’s Plan’

Updated: George Zimmerman went on television yesterday to portray Trayvon Martin as the aggressor in their confrontation, saying that the unarmed 17-year-old set upon him shortly after he got out of his car, punched him in the nose, then slammed his head on the ground repeatedly and said “You’re going to die tonight” while Zimmerman yelled repeatedly for help.

In an interview on Fox with Sean Hannity with his lawyer Mark O’Mara by his side, Zimmerman said what happened was “God’s plan” and he doesn’t regret his actions, but he said, “I’m sorry this happened.”
“I’m not a racist and I’m not a murderer,” Zimmerman said in response to those who have accused him of racial stereotyping in his decision to pursue Martin because he believed Martin look suspicious.
Zimmerman’s case ultimately will hinge on the believability of his tale of being victimized by an aggressive 17-year-old that he said was trying to kill him. Zimmerman even said that Trayvon tried to take his gun away from him, which prompted him to pull the trigger and kill the boy.
After Zimmerman fired his weapon, he said Trayvon “said something to the effect, you got it, or you got me … at which point I got out from under him.”
He said his was “absolutely” the voice that could be heard on the audiotapes calling for help.
George Zimmerman said he prays every day for Trayvon’s parents.
“I am sorry that they buried their child,” he said. “I can’t imagine what it must feel like.”
The teenager’s father, Tracy Martin, said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press that he rejected Zimmerman’s view that this was “God’s plan.””We must worship a different God. There is no way that my God wanted George Zimmerman to murder my teenage son,” Tracy Martin said. Royal Oakes, a Los Angeles attorney, told USA Today the move to submit to a television interview was “a lawyer’s nightmare” because everything Zimmerman says or does on TV will be scrutinized by prosecutors and potentially used against him in court.”Here Zimmerman thinks he can turn public opinion around and convince the national psyche that he is a good guy, an innocent guy who was just trying to defend himself,” Oakes said. “It’s very likely to backfire. It’s fraught with extreme peril.”
He pointed to the decision by Penn State child molester to agree to an interview with Bob Costas, which hurt Sandusky’s image in the public’s eye.

George Zimmerman : It Was God’s Plan For Me To Kil Trayvon Martin – Video

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