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African-American Entrepreneur Leading Team to Take Over a Telecom

African-American Entrepreneur Leading Team to Take Over a Telecom

VoxPlus, a highly capable, Detroit-based telecom firm, is being targeted for acquisition by African-American entrepreneur Joseph Durham and a group of private investors. The company has readied a diverse management team with a combined 100 years of telecom, IT, and marketing experience. The announcement was made today by Excel Global Growth, which has been engaged to provide business development services to the firm as it formulates and executes its growth strategy.

Mr. Durham, who brings twenty-five years of telecom and IT expertise to VoxPlus, was previously responsible for business development at AT&T, where he was involved in the company’s entry into the Billion Dollar Roundtable, a national organization that recognizes U.S. corporations that achieve spending of at least $1 billion with minority and woman-owned suppliers, and which promotes supply chain diversity.

VoxPlus, a leading edge telecom firm, is powered by an advanced Class 5 VoIP Switch, a powerful, flexible state-of-the-art technology that supports all the requirements of internet telephony, including calling cards, call shops, devices, PC/Mobile Dialers, wholesale origination and termination. It can effectively process 50 million minutes of phone and data transmissions per month, which will be increased to 200 million within a year.

Under Mr. Durham’s direction, VoxPlus will target Fortune 1000 and government agencies which require superior, reliable telcom and data transport at outstanding pricing and high level service with SLA’s.

VoxPlus will partner with a major U.S. Master Agent to reach the telecom providers and niche end-users for commercial and government applications on a domestic and international level. Located in the metropolitan New York area, the firm is recognized as one of the Top Ten Master Agents in the country, with many years of Tier 1 telecom experience and over 500 sales agents nationally.

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