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Will Smith Sci-Fi Adventure 'After Earth' Launches Viral Video

Will Smith along with his son Jaden begins their campaign for  latest Sci-Fi adventure ‘After Earth’.

Sony is using a clever marketing strategy to attract an After Earth fan base. The studio is using a Facebook timeline in a new viral video to describe a sequence of events that lead to the post apocalyptic future which  serves as After Earth’s backdrop.

It’s very similar to the strategy  20th Century Fox employed to generate attention for its Alien prequel Prometheus.

According to the video, an unidentified space ship crash-lands on earth in 1908, which was found by a family of scientist. Over generations the alien technology was harvested and used to make technical advancements on earth, which eventually triggered an environmental catastrophe. Humans, on the brink of extinction sought refuge on a foreign planet.

The father and son duo return back to the planet that has been abandoned by humans 1,000 years earlier to explore a foreign hostile environment.

M. Night Shyamalan is directing After Earth and the screenplay is by Stephen Gaghan and Gary Whitta.



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