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'The Dark Knight Rises' Unveils Two New TV spots

The Dark Knight Rises released a pair of new TV spots amidst the first reviews surfacing.

Warner Bros. has continued revving up promotion for the most anticipated box office smash of the year. With just three days left to go,  a couple of The Dark Knight Rises TV spots have been released.

The initial reviews have begun appearing  online and in magazines worldwide, and so far it looks like the cape crusader may be living up to the hype.

Of course there is not much new footage in the clips — Christopher Nolan has done an excellent job suppressing anything that could spoil his last Batman film. However, the studio has taken advantage of the initial reviews and appended a stream of quoted superlatives describing how great film is. “Epic”, “brilliant” and “incredible” are just a few of the words being tosses around about The Dark Knight Rises.  But who is surprised about that?

If you’re interested, check out what the critics are saying about the movie here.  Also take a look at these two new Dark Knight Rises TV spots to get more amped up going into the July 20th premier on Friday.


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