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Finding Nemo Sequel Coming To Theaters…

Director Andrew Stanton to direct Pixar’s Finding Nemo Sequel

Coming off the heels of his failure with John Carter, director Andrew Stanton is heading back to the deep ocean to direct the Finding Nemo sequel.

Apparently, his return to the deep-sea adventure has been a bit reluctant due to not being fully invested in the story. “We’re not against a sequel being made as long as it’s a story we love so much that we’d be dying just to make it, so we’re just waiting for stories to tell us if it’s worthy of doing. Right now, I’ve never been able to think of anything beyond what ‘Nemo’ was on its own,” Stanton told ComingSoon in an interview earlier this year.

A Finding Nemo sequel might be a better direction for Stanton after his action film John Carter caused Disney Pictures to take a $200 million dollar lost. While Stanton may have dreams of directing humans, Nemo 2 could be a far more safe and predictable production for him.

Nemo, which won the Oscar for best animated picture, is considered the pride and joy of Disney. To Stanton’s point, Finding Nemo 2 can be a risky undertaking as  there is much concern the film is better off without a sequel. Time will tell though, more details coming soon…


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