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Watch New 'Avengers' Inspired 'Item 47' Clip

‘Item 47,’ Marvels  short film, has somethings fall out the sky.

A new clip for Item 47  has been released online that features Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford trying to figure out what to do with a strange device they found: a  Chitauri weapon left behind after the Avengers defeated the alien race and banished them from Earth.

The film is set in the the aftermath of The Avengers battle with Loki and the Chitauri, with the Caplan and Bradford play a young couple who stumble across a strange item that has amazing lethal force. Realizing the potential power they have with the weapon they decide to embark on a bank robbery spree.

However,  unknown to the couple,  the weapon was on SHIELD’s radar. SHIELD dispatches a pair of agents (played by Titus Welliver and Maximilliano Hernandez) to recover the Chitauri technology.

Item 47  is set to appear on the Avengers DVD / Blu-ray as a special feature. The DVD when it arrives in stores on  September 17, 2012.

Check out the new Item 47  clip below:

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