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Nicki Minaj Performs on ‘Tonight Show’ in Daring Outfit

Nobody ever accused Nicki Minaj of being shy about exposing her body. Minaj went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno wearing pasties over her large, half-exposed breasts and a nude-colored body suit that hugged her famous derriere like a second skin.

When she sat down in the chair to be interviewed by Leno, Minaj recounted her days as a waitress at Red Lobster, where she said for some reason the customers “hated” her.

“Cause I didn’t want to be there and the customers could tell,” she said.

She admitted that she wasn’t a very good waitress and she had a horrible demeanor.

“I was like, ‘Are you ready to order?'” she said, slumping down in the chair and demonstrating the unpleasant body language she used. “And they always wanted too much bread. That’s what bothered me.”

As the audience laughed, Minaj looked out and addressed the audience.

“You guys, if you go to Red Lobster, please stop ordering extra bread,” she said.

When Minaj took to the stage to perform her latest single, “Pound the Alarm,” she was joined by a contingent of dancers bedazzled in feathers. “Pound the Alarm is the video that she shot in her native Trinidad. She released footage of her triumphant return to Trinidad, showing her walking with a bouquet of flowers as other residents of the island jumped up and down and screamed while taking cell phone pictures of her.

“We’re at the ‘Pound the Alarm’ video shoot, in my homeland, where I was born. We’re here baby,” Minaj says directly to camera about the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded track. “Trinidad!” Minaj also reflected on the last time she was in Trinidad, for an MTV documentary that aired in November 2010 and offered a peek into the world of the rapper born Onika Miraj.

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