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Jessica Biel Will Play In ‘The Wolverine’

Jessica Biel has been cast to play in The Wolverine. The 7th Heaven actress will star as Viper, in 20th Century Fox picture.

Victoria/Viper’s character has a long run in the X-Men mythology series and will play a major part in the film. According to Marvel, Biel’s character will have an internal good and bad switch as she hang around Wolverine but is mostly a loyal to the X-Men and Avengers. In result, Viper will be conflicted between both sides.

This will be the second Marvel project for the actress. She also starred in the 2004 Blade: Trinity. Biel is also set to co-star opposite Colin Farrell in Total Recall, which Sony studios will release on August 3. She will also appear in Pascal Laugier’s upcoming movie The Tall Man, which will hit screens on August 31.

As far as The Wolverines, the film is slated to shoot in Australia and Japan starting this August.

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