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5 Quick Tips for Breaking Up a Good Relationship

Relationship Advice – We all want different things out of life and relationships and you may be one of those people who like to sabotage a good thing. So I made up a list that I know will work for anyone on a mission to break up a good relationship. It’s really simple; just five quick tips. Here goes…

Criticize. Pretty straight forward. Every time your partner does anything wrong or below expectation tell her how disappointed you are in her. Let her know you always knew she couldn’t do anything right even if she was paid. Raise your voice while saying it and for added effect say in front of her friends or even strangers. If you can’t say it verbally say it with body language; sneer, make snide remarks, roll your eyes…anything, just make sure you’re passing the message: ‘you’re not good enough.’

Compare. There’s always someone better, more attractive, more organized, more articulate …than your partner. Now is the time to let him know. Don’t just compare him to ‘all your mates.’ You know like ‘all your mates have cars, when will you get us one?” Of course that will work, really, but to make it even better name names. Say something like, “I saw Kola the other day, with his fiancée Becky. Do you know he bought her a car? They’re even traveling for summer in a few months, why don’t you do such things for me? You really need to get a better job.” Perfect. Mission accomplished.

Belittle their dreams. The next time your man says, ‘I have this great idea,’ scrunch your nose and say, ‘yeah, here we go again.’ Make sure you roll your eyes while saying it. Then while he’s excitedly trying to explain his big idea to you, shift your gaze from him; fiddle with your Blackberry, grab the remote, play with your nails… whatever you do don’t show him that you’re interested in his dreams and are willing to support him. It works like magic!

Do not discuss your expectations! Ever! This one is a catalyst for all things destruction. You know what you want from your relationship. You know the things you expect him to do or be to you. You have ideas of what your life and future will look like. Great. Just make sure you don’t discuss it. Keep it to yourself. After all love is magical; things will figure themselves out. This is also good because you can have something to confuse him with. When he does something that doesn’t flow with your assumptions or expectations it is a license for you to get angry, cry, pout and give him the silent treatment. He’s supposed to know what you’re thinking without you having to tell him isn’t he? If he really loves you, he should know what you need. No words necessary. Right? Well done.

Wash your linen, dirty or not, in full public glare. This one is a classic. Every time you have a spat run along and tell your girlfriends, make sure their boyfriends or spouses are there when you’re whining about how evil your partner is. Tell them everything he does wrong, in graphic detail. Also when you have a big thing coming up and you’re ready to take a really big step in your career, a major health decision, whatever it is, don’t tell her first. Let her be the last to know. After all she’s always there, she can wait. In fact make sure she hears it from someone else. Great! So there’s my little list, if you’re interested in sabotaging your life, knock yourself out. But if you’re intentional about making your relationship work, do the EXACT opposite.

Source: Remi-Roy Oyeyemi , You Fly Mag

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