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Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Covers Left Hand With Tattoo

Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche received reptile tattoos last night in Los Angeles. Chris opted for a snake to represent the Chinese Zodiac of his birth year 1989. The “Yeah 3x” singer tweeted the photo with the caption ” The impossible triangle: year of the snake!!!!!!”

Chris added his art to his back while Karrueche decided to cover her entire left hand! “Maybe I’m crazy.” Yes, we think so.

Moments after posting images of their tattoos online readers began drawing reference to the Illuminati.

Karla Thomas added on Facebook: “Are u sure this represent the culture or a sign that they have sold there souls to the devil the triangle and the eye is the sign on money. So that’s power of evil the rude of all evil is money and people will do anything for money and then her culture worship other gods not the real God Jesus Christ isn’t that what happen to Solomon when God told him to have nothing to do with foreign woman and he lost his throne because he mess with all the wrong woman he had a lot of woman too. Maybe this was a big mistake for him to take the fruit from the snake that strikes when God told Adam not to eat the fruit and he still listen to the woman and got him kick out of the garden of life and he was the head. The jezebel is very cunning in the last days she may come as a angel of light and sap all your strength like a vampire or werewolf there worried about Rihanna but they better worry about Tran the quiet ones the sneekey ones who get you all the time that you lay in there lap and sell you out for silver and take your strength ask Samson. All these animals are beast and in last days you will take the mark of the beast if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ.”

Check out Chris’s tattoo below – what do you think?

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