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Morgan Freeman Speaks Out on the Evil of the Republican Party

As he does interviews for the coming of the third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Morgan Freeman, one of the movie’s stars, can’t help but make comparisons between the fictional world of the Batman characters and the real-life political drama unfolding in the presidential election.

Batman is a force of good who has to rid Gotham of evil forces that Freeman said looked very much to him like the characters in the Republican Party, who announced from the beginning of the Obama administration that they were intent on being a destructive presence.

“At the outset of Obama’s administration, the political right [meaning Senator Mitch McConnell] literally said, out loud: ‘The No. 1 project of this party is to make sure that this guy – this guy – only serves one term.’ How do you make sure of that? You don’t allow him to do anything good or worthwhile,” Freeman said during an interview with The Guardian. “Every chance you get, block him, and that’s what they’ve done. Which now allows them to say: ‘He’s failed, he can’t get anything done.’ If he loses, it simply proves what you always feared, that democracy can be bought, and that the country is owned by the rich. And if everything gets bought, how do we ever get the country back?”

Asked what happened to the idea that Obama’s election was going to bring about a post-racial utopia, the 75-year-old Oscar winner was dismissive of the notion.

“No, not at all, instead the whole thing uncovered,” he says, “plenty of maggots still squirming around there under the stone.”

While Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises is divided up into two political forces that look remarkably like the Tea Party movement vs. the Occupy movement, Freeman said it was not intentional.

“Someone asked Christopher that question yesterday, and he said he didn’t intentionally think of anything political in the development of the story,” said Freeman, who once again plays the role of Lucius Fox, the Wayne Enterprises CEO who provides Batman with his exquisite super-powered toys. “So I think the politics here, if there are any, is like art or beauty, it’s largely in the eye of the beholder.”

During the interview, Freeman offers his opinion of the name “African American.”

“I hate the phrase ‘African American,'” he says, “because ‘black’ is beautiful. One syllable versus seven.”

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22 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Speaks Out on the Evil of the Republican Party

  1. Thanks for speaking the truth.

  2. Mary Dixon says:

    The truth is there! The Republicans can only do damage to the country, just like the Conservative party here. They only serve themselves. Don't vote for them if you care about everyone!

    1. Hey DUMB ASS. Democrats had control of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial for 2 years… and they passed the TRILLION dollar healthcare bill and that is it.. you F'ing DUMB liberal..

    2. Ken Weston says:

      Ah, name calling. Stay classy!

    3. Dion Talbot says:

      thanks for summing up the point .Thats why those are the only things that were passed.when the repulicans were in nothing was passed .shame on the republicans for choosing the party over the american people . Its going to take more then three years to get you out of the hole bush put you guys in

    4. Mary Dixon says:

      What is better… Wars or Health??

    5. Jason Dorosz says:

      Dear Jeffrey Booger,
      Your third grade abuse is one of the reasons why your party is dying.

    6. Jason Dorosz says:

      Jeffery Bogner We see that you work for BAE Systems, Inc. I'm sure they would be enthused about the way you use foul language and name calling to the public. Obvious you are trying to hold onto your job and don't want any defense cuts, while throwing the rest of us under the bus. Stuff it!

    7. Anonymous says:

      Democrats had FULL control for 2 years. Senate, House, White House.. and squandered it passing the trillion dollar tax bill. Did they pull the troops out, did they address the housing market, unemployment, crime, illegal immigrations? NO, when they could have enforced or passed any bill they wanted too so explain that one. Don't blame it on the Republicans when the Dems had the power to fix it and didnt.

  3. Scharala Mitchell says:

    If Obama is given free reign for four more years, America will be OVER! Wake up!

    1. Mary Dixon says:

      America was already over with the Republicans in charge! Obama is trying to get the country back to health, But that is going to take some time. "Rome was not built in a day"!

  4. Funny, Morgan, I thought the bad guys in the movie better represented the Democratic party. You know, demonizing the rich, making everyone equal, and blindly following one strong leader….Ring a bell, Lefties?

    1. Erin Dalton says:

      U mean that is better than 50,000,000 people voting for the guy that they THINK will make their lives easier? Conservatism is a joke that has been played on the middle class since Reagan…. Ohhh yea Reaganomics sure works just look at the numbers. Conservatives n liberals,r wrong…. At least,most liberaks will admit the system isnt perfect…. Conservatives r more qorried about their party not the country.

    2. Could not possibly agree with you more. There is one mindset among Democrats. Find one that isn't pro-choice, anti-gun, anti-big business, pro-large federal government, etc. More Republicans differ on these issues than Democrats. Period.

    3. Then why does every policy the "Democrats" pass help the poor and gear toward blacks asshole.

    4. disagree**

      Who are they helping? Is help creating a culture of dependence on the government? If so, yes, the Democrats have helped the poor. They have done a great job of making people need bigger and bigger government, shotcaller.

      Personally, I think freedom is being able to keep what you EARN and not depend on legislation and policy to feed, house, clothe, educate, and medicate your family. But it sure gets the votes.

    5. Ken Weston says:

      Keith Keremes I disagree on that. I'm anti-Reaganomics, pro-rights, pro-NRA, smaller government , anti-wars we can't possibly afford but pro strong foreign policy. Which party represents that?

    6. Well, pro-NRA and smaller government definitely wouldn't make you a Democrat (which was my origian point). And if you are a Democrat, you should probably reconsider your political stance.

  5. F Morgan, what a hypocrite.. oh no, say something about my black brother…oh now, your racists.. shut the F up.. Too bad he wasnt in the movie theater… POS.

    1. Ken Weston says:

      This guy speaks his mind, on request, and you wish he was brutally murdered by a gun-wielding psychopath? Very sane and rational. People like you are just fuel for gun-control, which I do not want. Good job. I'm sure you disagree and are now wishing I was in that line of fire too? Very un-American Jeffery.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ken Weston Hollywood is Un-American. Anyone who supports these tax mongers and gives special attention to specific groups rather than the whole are Un-American.

  6. Khadij Shakir says:

    America was over when Bush sent us into 2 wars and him and his buddies made billions on the oil deals. He was called a weak leader by almost every leader in the world and Obama at least is looking out for your stupid A__. Unlike the previous one or that piece of work trying to take every freedom from women. You wake up and see what is really going on. Think about your daughters and grand daughters. By the way are you making the same monies as your male counterparts at work. Or are you sitting at home with nothing to do but listen to stupid? Get a grip on yourself…

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