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5 Reasons Why 'The Dark Knight Rises' Will Win Best Picture Oscar

The Dark Knight Rises may be the biggest winner at the Academy Awards next year.


There is no doubt that, so far, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is the most anticipated film of the year.  In addition, it is very likely that the finale to Nolan’s Batman trilogy will win a ton of accolades during the upcoming awards season.  After all, The Dark Knight has an award winning legacy.

However, the top award has been all too illusive for the cape crusader.  In fact, a comic book movie has never won a best picture award. But this time things will be different.  Turn the page to see the five reasons why The Dark Knight Rises will make history and win the Oscar for best picture.

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0 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why 'The Dark Knight Rises' Will Win Best Picture Oscar

  1. Mekhong Kurt says:

    “BEST picture award,” “BEST” — not “pest picture, LOL!

    (Look, as a webmaster, dead-tree editor in the past, proof-reader, etc. etc. etc., I know way too well how easy it is for this stuff to sneak in — my comment is a light-hearted one, not an eating-out, okay?)

  2. Nic says:

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. I’ve read some reveiws and while it certainly has its merits, its no best pic. Most reviews state it is not as enjoyable as TDK, still good, just not better

  3. After reading your article, I didn’t see one reason why it will win. The Academy doesn’t owe any filmmaker anything…ever. Yes TDK was snubbed and maybe..MAYBE TDKR gets a nom but in no way does it mean it will win. And to think it OWES Nolan a Best Picture award or Best Director award because of TDK and Inception snubs is crazy. Plenty of movies and filmmakers have been snubbed over and over and over again throughout the years.

    …and TDKR was not as good as TDK. Fact.

  4. pete says:


  5. Rob says:

    If by “Fact”, you mean “opinion”… yes.

  6. TJ says:

    I like how four of the five reasons don’t even mention the film. And the one that does mention the film is simply “Because…that’s why!” Fact of the matter is that it was a sloppy, poorly written, and poorly paced film. A complicated narrative does not make a good narrative.

    Though, that’s never stopped the Academy before.

  7. Muhammad Ali says:

    sorry…but, i gotta disagree. The Dark Knight (2008) DESERVED an Oscar best pic nod, but NOT TDK Rises. the movie’s got so many plot holes..THIS should’ve been made into TWO movies.

    it also got the WORST ending for a movie..especially done by somebody like Christopher “perfection” Nolan.

    a number of characters need better writing to em.

    IF there’s gonna be a comic book movie to be given an Oscar nom this year, it SHOULD be Marvel’s The Avengers. ’nuff said.

  8. Mena says:

    I loved the movie, but honestly? I think this guy’s on crack. Maybe a nomination for best picture is on the horizon, but the award? I don’t think it very likely. They always go with the artsy films. Plus, I don’t think the Aurora shooting helped.
    If it does win, I’ll need a shocking car to bring me back. And I’ll apologize to the writer

  9. Murphy says:

    Best Picture? Seriously? “Best” Picture? Of all the films I’ve seen this year TDKR wasn’t even a “good” picture. It was more of a 3 hour long beating of the senses. There was so much more that Nolan could have done with Bane. Hardy is a much better actor than that depiction gives him credit and Bale seemed to be just following marks on the ground to know where he was supposed to be.The Avengers was much better, the new Spider-Man was much better, holy crickets “Prometheus” was better and I hated that movie. I can agree though that with so many Oscar winners in the cast…it could win just for that reason alone.

  10. Doug says:

    I’ll be surprised if it even gets a nomination. Whether it deserves to be nominated for Best Picture or not (right now I would say it does), the Academy votes for what they like. And they don’t like superhero films. 95% of the voters are old white males. They will vote for dramas and movies with important messages. Also, the sentiment out there that the academy will vote for it out of guilt for snubbing the film baffles me. Sure, the heads of the Academy expanded the field of nominees in the hopes that more mainstream movies would get nominated, but that doesn’t apply to the Academy at large. I imagine we will see the same mixture of dramas and small critically acclaimed indie films. But maybe I’m wrong. I would be pleased to see Dark Knight Rises among the nominees.

    Right now I’d guess the films making up the final list will be Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Les Miserables, Lincoln, Promised Land, The Master, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Moonrise Kingdom and Amour. Maybe Django Unchained if it surprises, but I think it will be a harder sell for the Academy than Inglourious Basterds was.

  11. DeeDee says:

    No. It’s a fact. Plain and simple.

  12. BR says:

    Gary Oldman has never won an Oscar – “Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy” was his first nomination. Do your research.

  13. Earl says:

    There is not a chance that it will be nominated for both Best Picture and Best Director and absent that combination, either nomination is a tad hollow. Chris Nolan is great but like Spielberg, he needs to make a serious drama or a major comedy if he wants to get into the Oscar race in a serious way. The biggest problem for Dark Knight may turn out to be The Hobbit. It also will split some votes with The Avengers which will get some support from the few academy winners who will vote for these types of films in the major categories.

  14. Darth Vader says:

    I love Nolan, I love Batman and I love The Dark Knight Trilogy, I think TDKR should win Best picture, but I’ll give you 1 reason why it won’t: Hollywood just won’t give it to a comic book movie.

  15. Chris says:

    you are truly an idiot if you think A’S deserves an osacar for best picture, The very fact that you even brought it up just shows you are a dumb immature marvel fanboy. I don’t know if TDKR deserves to win, maybe it deserves a nomination… but soo as you said “Avengers” should win, your comment lost all credibility. I’ll let you in on a widely known, not very secrect “secret” Avengers was a sci-fi action comedy, there to please the masses with eye popping special effects and very 1 dimensional characters with no real depth. It was mostly made TO ATTRACT KIDDIES like youself. I thopught it was a fun movie, but it will not even be nominated. You can remember this come FEB.

  16. Chris says:

    Spiderman… a better movie… no sorry your comment just lost all credibility

  17. Chris says:

    I can’t see the Avengers getting anything other than special effects nominations. It was a fun movie, but had no real depth to it. The characters were very shallow and 1 dimensional and it was very cliched movie. It is on par with the first transformers in reality. That movie broke records and was amazing to everyone when it came out. But the novelty wore off pretty quick, and so will the novelty of avengers. Its hard to make movies that stand the test of time. I find Nolans movies do that a lot better.

  18. kyle says:

    To be honest, I think it wouldn’t get a chance of being nominated for Best Picture, let alone it would win.

    The Dark Knight Rises is good, but The Dark Knight is far better than it yet it doesn’t get a nomination for Best Picture, then what hope does Rises expects?

    Maybe it can get 3 to 4 nominations for some minor categories, but seeing there are so many good films in 2012, chances of winning are quite slim too. Especially when there are The Hobbits, Lincoln, Life of Pi and many greater films.

    Personally, I really really want Rises to win Best Picture, but truth is truth, the chances are slim and Rises is unlikely to win it. I myself is an avid fan of Chris Nolan and his The Dark Knight Trilogy. Maybe Best Director would be enough for him.

    Anyway, miracles actually happen sometimes.

  19. Glen says:

    TDKR will definitely win and deserve the Best Picture of the Year award…at the MTV Movie Awards.

  20. Nathan says:

    I think this list should be renamed 5 BULLSHIT reasons TDKR will win the Best Picture Oscar!

  21. MJ says:

    hate to burst your bubble, but dark knight rises (which by the way is the worst film in the franchise) was not even nomiated!

  22. Tod Mac says:

    Eon might want to revise this article (or straight up delete it) considering The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t nominated FOR A SINGLE OSCAR. Oops.

  23. Ray Flint says:

    “Why else would so many heavy weights sign up for a comic book movie.” They get paid a more than what some countries GDP is.

    BS article. Might want to delete this before more flames. TDR brought shame to the franschise.

  24. John says:

    Shouting like a girl isn’t going to make this turkey any better of a film. And here were are, days after the Oscar nominations, and the turd wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture. They got that one wight.

  25. robert says:

    Really? Seems The Avengers (and the lead in films) have taken comic book movies and shook the cart hard to show us how to REALLY make them. Nolan’s vision is so starved of anything that relates to Batman, comics or anything else that we want to see from an ultimate Batman that if the ultimate Batman film is ever made (still hasn’t come close to happening yet) people will most likely leave this trilogy behind and say “Why didn’t they do this in the first place?” Bye bye (hopefully forever) Chris Nolan and Batman

  26. ihatefanboys says:

    And then you woke up ! Dark Knight Rises will not win BEST PICTURE. Its not Lord of The Rings after all.

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