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Tameka Raymond, Ryan Glover Deserve Sympathy Not Usher

UPDATE-Usher Raymond cancels award show over Tameka’s son Kile’s accident plus a friend defends the son’s father Ryan Glover.

Tameka Foster Raymond is receiving prayers from all over the world as her 11-year old son Kile, previously believed to be Kyle, lays brain dead in an Atlanta hospital. The accident has prompted millions of people to send sympathy to Usher and very little to the child’s father Ryan Glover. Tameka and Ryan have three children together. A family friend has come forward to share her disgust over the media coverage focusing on Usher,

“I’ve seen celebs and media outlets alike continue to send their condolences to Usher. Kile was Tameka and Ryan Glover’s child and the sympathy should be given to them first and foremost.”

It has been reported however that Usher is an emotional wreck over the incident,

“Usher is completely devastated and shaken with what has occurred. [He] is emotionally drained from the accident. He feels incredibly awful, distraught … it’s been a complete rollercoaster of emotions.” The R&B singer was scheduled to make an appearance at tonight’s ESPY’s but has since pulled out.

The friend continues, “Although Usher has been so kind in chartering a plane so she could be by Kile’s side, he didn’t necessarily play a huge role in Tameka’s other children’s lives after the divorce therefore it seems a little disrespectful that Ryan is being ignored as a father, in place of another just because he’s topping the Billboard charts.

Ryan was equally devoted and involved in Kile’s life — they shared joint custody and Kile was with his other family at the lake, so for those who are claiming Tameka’s at fault for not being there is just absurd — because of the joint custody, her two boys aren’t always directly in her eyesight, but she is a phenomenal mother.”

It’s no secret that Usher’s fans nearly turned their back on him when he married Tameka and rejoiced when they divorced…yes…it’s sad.  But despite being at odds since their divorce, especially with their ongoing custody battle, Usher has looked past that to provide what he can to Tameka. It should not however take away from Kile’s father and his involvement.

It was confirmed yesterday that a family friend was operating the jet ski that caused the tragic accident though the Georgia Department of Natural Resources agents confirmed there was no alcohol involved.

Kile in blue sweater with his father Ryan Glover and family



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to comment on this friend of Tameka's regarding the words she spoke about Ryan not receiving any sympathy during this time. The first thing I want to say is why do you refer to Ryan by stating "Kile was Tameka and Ryan Glover’s child and the sympathy should be given to them first and foremost.” First of all "was" is past tense. The child is still alive, and with God working he will remain alive. I think it is so childish and immature for you to get on a public forum and worry about Usher getting more respect and sympathy than Ryan. Who cares! There is a young man fighting for his life and that should be everyone's main focus….praying for him and his recovery. No one is discounting Kile's father for what he has done for his son. Usher was also a part of his life and by him being a celebrity it is natural for his fans to support him. He can't help the success he has achieved in his life. The bottom line is everyone possible should be focusing on Kile right now….not Usher, not Tameka, not Ryan, and not Usher's fans. Kile is who really needs us all right now praying not arguing on someone else's behalf!

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