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Joseline Hernandez Represents For The Latina Community

Joseline Hernandez is eager to claim she is representing the Latina community. While most African Americans try to distance themselves from reality TV stars it appears to be the opposite with the Latina community – at least in Joseline’s eyes. The Love & Hip Hop star sat down for an interview and explained that what viewers see is her real life – though she ranted about the show being fake on Twitter last week – and insists she doesn’t take issue with the world judging her actions.

Joseline continued to validate her actions telling the interviewer that everything she does is for her family, including stripping.

Perhaps the most startling part of the interview was Joseline’s belief that the Latina community needed a voice….through her!

“Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Venezuelans, Mexicans, we don’t have a voice. I’m that voice, though and I got them.”


Joseline’s new track “Bailar”

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