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Familiar Caesar’s Palace Steps Up Offerings for High Rollers

Caesars Palace’s new Octavius Tower opened in January as the resort’s most upscale option, and has three special villas available for VIPs.

Appropriately, the villas are named after legendary Roman emperors, each with its own theme: The Marcus Aurelius Villa has a Spanish influence, the Constantine Villa is decidedly Greek in style and the Claudius Villa has some nice French touches. (Good to know: The villas can be called by their emperor name or by the country they honor. Ask about the French villa and the Caesars team will know you mean Claudius.)

The Claudius Villa has four bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom. In addition to a living room, lounge and sitting room, the villa also has a custom-designed fish tank and a grand piano. The master bedroom has an eight-foot custom-made bed and a hand-carved Crema Marfil stone bathtub, imported from Italy. Good to know: The dining room in the French villa can seat 10.

The four-bedroom Constantine Villa is the largest of the three at a whopping 9,930 square feet with a 1,380-square-foot terrace. The villa has a dedicated exercise room and a media room with a 120-inch TV. (Yes, that’s 10 feet.) For cool desert nights, the living room has a marble fireplace.

And the Marcus Aurelius Villa, the smallest of the three at 8,170 square feet, has a double-sided fireplace and massage chairs—perfect for relieving the tension of a day on the casino floor, we say!

Beyond their sheer size, the villas include some ultra-swank perks like private elevators, dedicated billiard rooms, eight-foot custom-made beds, steam mist showers in all bathrooms and—our favorite—private terraces with spa tubs, fire pits, and a dining area with old-fashioned gas lanterns and wall sconces. The villas all have full kitchens and dining rooms, and staff can enter through a private entrance to bring food (or anything else) unobtrusively. The villas also come with 24-hour butler service.

Later this year, Caesars will open three Garden Villas in the Octavius Tower. No word yet on what emperors they’ll honor or what the perks will be, but keep an eye out on for updates on the villas as they emerge.

Coolest of all: Caesars Palace has its own private jet at a hangar close to the Strip, making it easy for VIPs to come and go without battling the crowds at McCarran International Airport.

Source: Luxury Travel Advisor

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