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Scarlett Johansson Banking $20 Million For 'The Avengers' Sequel

Scarlett Johansson could make $20 million to play Black Widow

Marvel  and Disney Studios made some major cash with their comic book hit The Avengers and of course there is going to be a sequel. Now there’s no doubt that the major stars will be returning to reprise their roles, especially the only female Avenger, Scarlett Johansson.

The 27-year-old actress played the Black Widow in the movie and rumors are flying that the studios are ready to drop $20 million to keep Johansson in black tights. The actress reportedly took home an estimated $400,000 when she first played the role in Iron Man 2. That is far less than the rumored $20 mil. Such a large jump in pay never happens in Hollywood. In addition, the film has an ensemble cast, If Johansson got that amount, how much would superstar Robert Downey Jr. get?

Johansson and Downey are just two of the high profile stars that the studio will have to give big raises to. Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo will also be getting big salary increases.

Considering all those high profile stars, it may be a little far fetched to believe that Johansson will be pocketing $20 million.

Maybe the fans think it’s worth $20 million to see her in those black tights again. Sound off your thoughts below.

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