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Singapore’s Top of the Line: Marina Sands Bay

The Marina Sands Bay Resort and the Marina Sands Bay hotel in Singapore is bestowed with uber luxury and dominates Singapore’s skyline with a lot of pride. The place has enthralled guests and visitors to the city with its sheer magnificence, which is beyond our words. One look at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and you will be mesmerized with the extravagance you are about to witness. The Marina Bay Sands skypark and the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool are the key highlights of this luxury resort along with many other state of the art amenities.

TheMarina Sands Bay hotel opened its luxurious gates to the rich and the famous in April 2010 and at a Feng Shui approved time. The hotel is the perfect hub of luxury with every possible brand vying to be a part of it. The hotel is frequented by top notch celebrities like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Justin Beiber, the Wonder Girls, Selena Gomez and Kelly Rowland.


The luxury resort is located at the Central Business District and has enhanced the city’s tourism sector. The key highlight of the hotel happens to be the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, which is actually a huge terrace roof measuring One Hectare. The Sands SkyPark connects the three fifty five story towers of the Marina Sands Bay Hotel. The SkyPark is a tropical oasis with a variety of plants and trees species and can also accommodate A380 jumbo jets, and that too four of them.

There are about 2,561 luxury rooms in this luxury resort which come with a special butler service. The rooms are divided into four categories and there are five types of suites.

Source: Elite Choice


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