Evelyn Lozada Gets Drunk At Essence Festival With Shaunie O’Neal

Evelyn Lozada or shall we say Evelyn Lozada-Johnson left her husband Chad Ochocinco behind to party it up and get drunk at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this past weekend with Basketball Wives co-star Shaunie O’Neal and others.

After celebrating her honeymoon Mrs. Ochocinco trekked her way from St. Maarten to New Orleans to enjoy the weekend long festivities. The reality star shared Instagram photos with former Top Model winner Eva Marcille backstage, “Me and @evamarcille isn’t she fly as F?!” and with Shaunie at the bar.

“Me and my BFF @shaunieoneal at Essence drinking it up’n”

Evelyn also showed her sexy pose in another photo, “In some room at Essence ‪#StrikeAStankPose‬”

The festivities ended Sunday evening and Evelyn was ready to return to Chad in Miami, “My flight is at 6 am!!! Can’t wait to get bck home to my “husband” ‪. Chad likely had to nurse Evelyn after having one shots too many with Shaunie, “#BOOM‬! RT @TichinaArnold: @EvelynLozada @ochocinco @diannvalentine Uhm.I’m STILL feeling the after effects of that damn SHOT BAR.”

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