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Black Women are the Most Religious Group in U.S.

Despite the sound and fury of the white male evangelical right, black women are the religious stalwarts of this nation. Period.

A nationwide Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation survey finds that black women hold the distinction of being the most religious and religiously-influenced segment of the U.S. population.

In fact, white men tended to be at the bottom of the survey’s findings, e.g.,

  • 74% of black women say “living a religious life” is very important to them, versus 70% for black men, 57% for white women, and 43% for white men.
  • When it comes to getting through tough times, 87% of black women said faith in God is “very important,” compared to 79% of black men, 66% of white women, and 51% of white men.

According to the study, black women are most likely to have had the experiences of being taken to church, participating in Sunday School, exposed to gospel music and other such background factors.

This gives a whole new perspective on who is really the Moral Majority.

Source: Newser and Washington Post


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