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Watch This! Unique Turntable Watch for Old-Schoolers, Hipsters

The ultimate gift for an old-school jammer or hipster friend who loves reliving the record days, the Turntable Metal Wristwatch by ThinkGeek is retro-fabulous. Featuring a record player face on the snazzy silver watch, the fantastically old-school accessories gives you the current time with a bit of extra style.

The ThinkGeek creation boasts exact detailing of the retro player, not sparing any details of what makes the real thing tick. Since the record player has re-emerged as a stylish sound system that has been picked up by hipster culture and truly continued by an older generation whose nostalgia for the record-only sound, the record-player has become something of an in-demand item. The Turntable Metal Wristwatch by ThinkGeek is a homage to when record-players were the only option and the re-invention of them as a stylish object.

Source: Trend Hunter

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