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‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Earned $35 Million Already

As expected, The Amazing Spiderman is slaying them at the box office, already netting $35 million.

The movie opened at midnight on Tuesday and made $7.5 million from those late night screenings and the rest came from screening during daytime hours. Although these numbers could be considered a victory, The Amazing Spiderman made less on opening day than all of the other Spiderman movies.

Despite that, industry insiders still expect it to make over $100 million with Sony predicting $120 million and other pollsters predicting up to $140 million. Also the film has done well overseas with $50.2 million from foreign box offices.

The movie has had positive reviews, earning an A- on average, according to marketing research company Cinema Score.

The web slinger does have some competition. Seth Macfarlane’s Ted earned $54 million on its opening weekend last week and pulled $8.7 million on Monday alone, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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