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Nicki Minaj Fills Car with $4,700 Worth of Fried Chicken

Hungry Nicki Minaj ‘fills a car’ with £3000 of Nando’s chicken after Manchester gig

Maybe Nicki Minaj is the music star Burger King should have hired to do its crispy fried chicken commercials. While Mary was getting attacked and ultimately apologizing for filming a BK commercial that many considered demeaning and trafficking in black stereotypes, the pint-sized “Starships” rapper is practically shutting down chicken joints in Europe with her outsized taste for the poultry.

According to a report on, Minaj spent £3,000 ($4,700) on a take-out order of chicken in Manchester, England, that was so large it filled an entire car.

No, Nicki didn’t eat the 550 chicken legs and 300 chicken wings (and 60 bottles of coke) herself—the spread was mainly for her entourage. The chicken came from a Portuguese-based restaurant chain called Nando’s.

This isn’t the first time that Nicki’s taste for chicken has been noted. She reportedly asked in her backstage rider for a show in Australia that she be provided Belgian waffles and fried chicken, 12 cans of Red Bull—six at room temperature and six on ice—whipped cream, strawberries and 24 bottles of Snapple.

During the Super Bowl halftime show in February, when she performed with Madonna, Minaj requested a 12-piece bucket of ”spicy” fried chicken with ”lots of wings” and ”no thighs” to be served alongside a cheese platter, cold meat tray and a set of silverware to eat with.

One more Minaj chicken fact: In September, she performed wearing an imitation chicken wing necklace, in addition to shoes made of watermelon rinds.

Okay, we made up the part about the watermelon shoes.

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