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British Singer Estelle Thinks Men are Intimidated by Her Success

Estelle thinks she intimidates men.

The ‘American Boy’ singer is currently single and believes the success she has enjoyed over the years puts off potential boyfriends.

She said: ”I don’t actively try and court men who don’t know what the hell my life is about, because it takes a lot of explaining. The worst part is meeting guys and seeing their faces fall as they realize they can’t remotely deal with my lifestyle or me as a woman.”

Estelle, 32, insists she doesn’t want to be impressed by a man as she just wants him to be himself.

She said: ”My mentality is that I don’t care about being impressed. I just want you to be a man. He just has to be …. Manly.”

Because of her busy lifestyle, the ‘Break My Heart’ hitmaker says she will have to rely on technology to meet someone and maintain a relationship.

She told The Times Weekend magazine: ”You have to look on the bright side. Because of e-mail and Skype, it lends itself to being able to court the person. You spend more time talking and communicating as human beings, not just, ‘Well, I’m going to sleep with them tonight and never see them again.’ ”

Source: Contact Music

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