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‘Good Morning America’ Searching for Replacements for Robin Roberts

As Robin Roberts prepares to go on medical leave for treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome and a bone marrow transplant, Good Morning America is trying to line up a series of guest hosts to fill in for her and the list is star-studded. According to TMZ, the preliminary list includes Diane Sawyer, Connie Chung and Barbara Walters.

Roberts is expected to be out for around four months but the prognosis is good. She was diagnosed back in April and the condition was caught in its early stages, according to the report. Roberts has received an outpouring of support since her diagnosis was publicized and according to the Associated Press, bone marrow donations have doubled since she made her announcement.

According to the Jeffrey Chell, CEO of Be Match registry, 15,000 people have registered since the announcement, over 11,000 more than normal. Roberts’ cohosts also showed their support by getting swabbed to be potential donors. Overall, Roberts shared her story so she could send a positive message.

According to Roberts, the advice she got from her mother was to “turn a mess into a message.”

“When I received this latest disappointment I did not know what the message would be and now I do,” she continued.

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