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R. Kelly Recalls Jay-Z Beef In Memoir

This week brought the release of Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me, the memoir of R&B singer R. Kelly. In the book, Kelly details his trials and tribulations, including a history of sexual abuse as a child, a feud with tour mate Jay-Z, and the drowning death of his first girlfriend.

He detailed his experiences in a house full of women, who would act out without supervision from their elders. In one instance, he was forced to watch and take pictures of one of these women while she had sex with a partner. Another of the women, 10 years older than him, abused Kelly sexually for years. The star said he was “too afraid and too ashamed” to tell anyone at the time.

During the infamous tour for “The Best of Both Worlds” album with Jay-Z, Kelly recounted a night when he stormed off-stage and went to McDonald’s. “But this time, I didn’t go eat. I asked the guy working the drive-through window for a uniform, and for the next three hours, I served Big Macs, fries and Cokes to customers,” Kelly wrote.

Kelly documents other major events in his life, such as his dyslexia diagnosis, taking a vow of celibacy after proposing to his now ex-wife Andrea Kelly, and his inspiration to write the hit “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Unfortunately Kelly is currently undergoing treatment for complications stemming from a throat surgery last year. He missed a string of public appearances meant to promote the book, including a Today show slot and a showing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Medical issues even forced Kelly to miss the book’s release party in New York City.

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