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Black House Members Force Congress to Vote on Reprimand for Issa

A day after House Republicans voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus got their revenge by forcing the House today to vote on a resolution scolding California Rep. Darrell Issa, the engineer behind the contempt vote, for mistreatment of Holder and behavior that they claim was against House rules.

A total of 108 House members, led by the Congressional Black Caucus and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, staged a walk out during the contempt vote to protest the House voting for the first time in history to hold a sitting U.S. Attorney General in contempt. Rep. Barbara Lee of Texas decided to take the response a step further today by putting forth a “privileged resolution” that picked apart Issa’s handling of the Holder case through his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The case hinged on a botched ATF case called Operation Fast and Furious that was begun during the Bush administration by low-level agents who decided they could crack Mexican drug cartels by letting cartel members buy illegal guns in Arizona and tracing those guns to cartel bigwigs. But the whole thing backfired when illegal guns wound up being involved in the murder of about 200 Mexicans and ultimately the killing of ATF agent Brian Terry in a shoot-out. Though Holder, who has said repeatedly neither he nor President Obama knew anything about the operation, turned over more than 7,600 pages of evidence to Issa’s committee, Issa wanted more—leading him to push for a contempt vote.

Lee requested that the House clerk read her entire resolution out loud so that she could get it on the House record. Among the accusations in the resolution are that Issa: “jeopardized an ongoing criminal investigation by publicly releasing documents that his own staff has admitted were under court seal”; that he took steps that could “potentially jeopardize a criminal conviction”; that he “has engaged in a witch hunt, through the use of repeated incorrect and uncorroborated statements
in the committee’s ‘Fast and Furious’ investigation”; and that he “has chosen to call the Attorney General of the United States a liar on national television without
corroborating evidence and has exhibited unprofessional behavior.”

Republicans were able to table the resolution by a vote of 259 to 161. Issa had no response. But Lee got what she wanted: to show House Republicans that two could play the political shame game.


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16 thoughts on “Black House Members Force Congress to Vote on Reprimand for Issa

  1. Jude Blye says:

    Does the Black Caucus think it was okay for the people that work under Eric Holder to sell guns to Mexican Druglords and criminals that ended up killing at least 200 Mexicans people and one American Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry? Because people that work for Eric Holder with this strategy called Fast and Furious , law enforcement people that work for the Department of Justice sold these guns to these criminals and lives were lost. Don't you think we the American people need to understand why our law enforcement people are selling guns to Mexicans across the boarder which resulted in many deaths? Well if it was my son or daughter or husband and child that was shot and killed by one of these guns, I would want to know why on earth is the DOJ's Law Enforcer's selling guns to known criminals. This does not make sense, our law enforcer's caused these deaths by putting guns in their hand. Why? You are all crying this is politically motivated because it is before the election. This could have ben over long ago had Mr. Holder helped Mr. Issa do his job. This is something that Daryll Issa has been asking for 2 years, he wants answers. He has been more than patient. But apparrently Mr. Holder doesn't feel he needs to fire anyone over this botched operation or explain why it happened at all. We are talking about hundreds of guns and over 200 hundred people dead. I am sure the head of Mexico would like to know why we are selling guns to their Druglords and Criminals. Justice needs to be served from the Department of Justice, wouldn't you agree? If it was your son, you say yes, especially if you have been waiting two years. You would want some closure. An explaination a report, the documents that Mr. Issa has requested for two years. No department in the government is above the law and independent of the American people's right to know. The American people have demanded Daryll Issa do his job and get the documernts from Holder. Had Mr. Holder done that there would have been no contempt but he didn't.

  2. They don't care…holder is one of them,he could rape their children,for all they care.

  3. Branson Weatherman says:

    Gee I wonder if the black caucus would stage a walkout if the AG was white, and Brian Terry was black………..I think not.

  4. Airplane Jim says:

    Mr.Chiles for being an award winning journalist you seem to Ignor facts that don't fit your arguement. Fast and Furious was not begun during the Bush administration. That Operation which was in cooperation with the Mexican authorities was stopped before Bush left office. Fast and Furious was an Obama admin creation.

  5. Yeah, the Obama idiots keep spreading that lie and dodos that follow him believe it.

  6. Nya nya naya nyaaaa…of course you are right, in some other galaxy far far away.

  7. There are certain things in life that are true and inescapable; when someone refuses to hand over ceratain documents and then runs like a school yard wimp to his boss to hide them then he himself is hiding something. Another inescapable truth – Obama's term as president has been less than stellar to put it mildly. He is truly way out of his depth as a national leader and has no feeling for people; all the people. Could he have been great? I don't know, maybe not – he had choices and chose the wrong ones. Because I understand history I felt his election was an important moment even though I jumped off his bandwagon early on. The moment came and went quickly. It is in many ways very sad indeed. As the for the Black Caucus; again – choices and they choose to act like close minded prejudiced fools.

  8. wow! a race based group makes the headlines…what a surprise. Total F'ing clowns.

  9. you pos shill ! This clown let guns go with no tracking ,,,,republicans didn't make him do that…..he lied about it to congress…again his choice and now the racists are circling wagons and pretending they are the victims…..Holder and the entire CBC are disgusting and not fit for office

  10. if the victim was black the the CBC and the rest of the racists would have been right there to protest ……anything

  11. Web Smith says:

    this country was doomed a long time before this.

  12. This kid must be the most mature member of the Black Caucus.

  13. Roger Yaste says:

    Barbara lee or Shelia Jackson lee?

  14. Roger Yaste says:

    Sheila Jackson Lee has a law degree from Harvard. She also wanted the Mars rover driven to where it could take pictures of the flag planted on the Moon. There is no minimum intelligence needed to become a politician or gain admittance to Harvard.

  15. Tell that to Brian Terry's family. The article had wrong information. The mission tracing guns in Mexico during Bush's term was terminated. It was started in September 2009 and DOJ's office authorized wire-taps. People are dead due to the botched Fast & Furious Gun-running. The American people, Brian Terry's family, and the Mexican families deserve some explanation that trumps any partisan politics.

  16. Jack Dorso says:

    The Black Caucus sure hates them some white folks.

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