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Kourtney Kardashian Reconsiders Water Birth As Due Date Nears

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian, who’s due date is around the corner, was considering water birth to deliver her baby girl until she witnessed the alternative delivery and was scared out of her mind.

The Dash store co-owner and beau Scott Disick heard water birth is better for the baby because the baby’s entry into the world is similar to the womb, hence creating a soothing transition. And many water births are done without administering drugs which some experts believe is safer for baby and mom.

The petite reality star attended a friend’s water birth and was appalled at how ‘brutally painful’ it looked, according to

Completely freaked out by the birth she tweeted: “Witnessed a water birth last night with @KhloeKardashian. What an experience! All I can say is WOW!”

So, instead of the water method, the 33-year-old is opting for the birthing route she’s certain of and checked into a birthing suite at Cedars-Sinai hospital a la Beyonce style. LOL!


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